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  • Myanmar's Israeli strategy over Malaysian aid flotilla

    A Malaysian flotilla transporting aid for Rohingya Muslims may be turned back by force if it enters Myanmar waters without official approval, according to local media. Irrawaddy online magazine reported the president's office as warning Malaysian NGOs not to deliberately fuel flames sparked by ongoing violence in Myanmar's western Rakhine State, emphasizing.. More

  • Muslim Minority in Liberia

    Liberia was formed through the efforts of emancipation associations and societies, especially the American Colonization Society (ACS). This society was established in the United States in the early nineteenth century when the idea of finding a homeland for the freed slaves in their country of origin, i.e. in Africa, evolved. Their aim was to find them.. More

  • The Muslim Minority in Japan

    Japan lies to the East of the Asian Continent. It is an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by Russia and North Korea and South Korea in the West. According to the latest statistics, its population is 127.3 million. Approximately 80% of Japanese people adopt Buddhism and Shintoism, more than 1% are Christians and less than 1% are.. More

  • Myanmar: Evidence suggests army did burn Rohingya homes

    An international rights group claimed Tuesday that new satellite imagery and interviews with refugees show the military was responsible for the mass destruction of Rohingya villages in a conflict-torn area near Myanmar’s border with Bangladesh. Myanmar's government has claimed that villagers burned down their own homes to evoke international.. More

  • Rohingya in Rakhine state suffer government retaliation

    When Faizul fled the shouldering remains of his village in Myanmar's Northern Rakhine state, he barely noticed the shards of wood that punctured every extremity of his body. He just wanted to escape the bullets raining down from a helicopter above. But by the time he reached Bangladesh, a shrapnel wound on his right leg had grown to the size of a golf.. More

  • Hundreds of Rohingya Muslim houses destroyed in Myanmar

    More than 1,000 houses have been destroyed in northwestern Myanmar’s Rakhine state, Human Rights Watch said on Monday, in a report based on the analysis of satellite images. Members of the country's Rohingya Muslim minority are being persecuted after troops began cracking down on dissident activity along the Bangladeshi border last month. Around.. More

  • 350 Palestinian minors held in Israeli jails

    At least 350 Palestinian children are languishing in Israeli jails, a local Palestinian NGO said Saturday. "Israeli authorities are holding 350 Palestinian children aged between 12 and 18,” the Palestinian Prisoners Society said in a statement on the occasion of the UN Universal Children’s Day. It said twelve females were among jailed.. More

  • Mosque attacks show xenophobia on the rise in Germany

    In 2009, two mosques were vandalised in the country. The number rose sharply to 99 in 2015. On a cold September evening in the German town of Dresden a bomb exploded outside a mosque. No one was hurt, but the sense of fear that had gripped Muslims in the city since 2015 reached fever pitch. "We have been expecting something like this for a long.. More

  • Mosque construction shows growth of Islam in Thailand

    Islam is a minority faith in Buddhist Thailand, yet mosques continue to be built outside of the predominantly Muslim areas on the Malaysian border, with Bangkok and the southern tourist resort of Phuket enjoying a sizeable Muslim community. One such religious building is presently being erected in the heart of the Phuket district of Kamala, an enclosed.. More

  • Spain: Muslim women battle headscarf discrimination

    During the same week as headscarves and Muslim fashion made a stunning debut on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week, women in Spain choosing to don headscarves saw a small victory of their own. Takwa Rejeb, 22, a vibrant tourism student, made headlines across the country when she denounced a school in Valencia, on Spain’s eastern coast, for.. More

  • Muslims in Taiwan: A Small Thriving Community

    For the Taipei Grand Mosque like for many others across the world, the day of Friday is not a normal day. Unlike on other weekdays, the Mosque, which has the capacity of around 1000 people, is generally overcrowded on a Friday. So much so that one can see numerous people praying outside the Mosque as well. This is roughly an indicator of the growing.. More

  • Rohingya refugee: We were hunted down by mob in Myanmar

    For decades, Rohingya Muslims have been fleeing Myanmar, a Buddhist majority country where they are forced to live in apartheid-like conditions and denied access to jobs, education and healthcare. But in recent years the exodus of refugees has surged. Since 2012, more than 100,000 people have braved perilous boat journeys in search of better lives.. More

  • Children in US 'scared and depressed' by Trump rhetoric

    An SPLC survey of some 2,000 US schools found that two thirds of teachers described vulnerable students - including blacks, Muslims, Latinos and other minorities - as affected by rhetoric in the 2016 White House race. New York, United States - Something ugly is happening inside America's classrooms. Headscarf-wearing Muslim girls are being called.. More

  • Europe sees five-fold increase of Islamophobic events

    The Organization "Racism Islamofobia Watch" has released its annual report on Islamophobia in Europe for 2015. According to the report, the year 2015 has been characterized by an uncontrolled explosion of violence against French Muslims from the aftermath of January attacks in the premises of Charlie Hebdo and in the Hyper Cacher of Porte.. More

  • UN: Rohingya Muslims, world’s most persecuted minority

    Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya continue to languish in "dreadful conditions" with children dying because they are refused healthcare, the UN has warned, adding that the Muslim minority risked being forgotten in the afterglow of recent elections. The comments were made by a senior UN official following a visit to western Rakhine state, where.. More