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  • How to decide the ‘Eed Date: 10-7-2001

    When is the next Eid? .. More

  • Celebrating ‘Eed Date: 29-3-2001

    During the last Eid celebration, some of our Muslim leaders in Nigeria declared the day of Arafat as the EID day. However, I have read in some Hadiths that it is highly recommended for one to fast on that day. What is the correct position - is the Eid celebrated on the day after Arafat or on Arafat day? .. More

  • Beginning of Ramadan is by sighting the Moon Date: 11-12-1999

    Do you have to start fasting as soon as any Muslim country starts fasting or only when the moon is sighted in your country or city? If it is the latter which applies, is it by country or city? Please cite the sources you rely on. .. More