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  • A stomach discharge while sleeping and its impact on the validity of fasting Date: 27-8-2009

    One day in Ramadhaan, I woke up feeling acidity in my mouth that came from my stomach. Nevertheless, I do not know whether some of that acidity returned to my stomach or not because I was sleeping. Having woken up, I rinsed my mouth with a little water and the acidity disappeared. What should I do? Should I make up for that day?.. More

  • Validity of fasting of a woman who delayed Ghusl for menses until after Maghrib Date: 27-8-2009

    Last Ramadhaan, I was menstruating, and on the last day of my menstruation, I had my Sahoor (pre-dawn meal) and had the intention of fasting. No blood discharge occurred during the day and I completed my fasting until sunset. However, I did not perform Ghusl except at the time of the Maghrib prayer. What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on this? Is my.. More

  • Is fasting annulled by the fluid discharged when thinking about sexual desire? Date: 27-8-2009

    My husband is away. Sometimes I imagine that we have sexual intercourse with each other, and that makes me feel something. This happens to me even during Ramadhaan. Taking into consideration that my marriage has not yet been consummated, I cannot differentiate between the fluid which necessitates Ghusl (ritual bathing) and that which necessitates.. More

  • Unintentional swallowing of water during Ramadan Date: 27-8-2009

    I visited the dentist during the daytime one day in Ramadhaan. He started to clean my teeth using a tool that was pumping a great amount of water inside my mouth. I tried as much as I could to avoid swallowing water so as not to invalidate my fasting. At the end of the process, however, I swallowed some water unintentionally. What is the Sharee‘ah.. More

  • Waking up Junub (post sex impurity) after dawn Date: 10-8-2009

    My husband and I often have sexual intercourse late at night, and in most cases, I fail in observing the Fajr prayer. Does this make us sinful, knowing that this is the only time we can have sexual intercourse as we have to wait until our child sleeps? Now, we are in Ramadhaan, if I woke up Junub (a state of Janaabah - post sex impurity), can.. More

  • Secretions from the genital organ do not invalidate the fast Date: 10-8-2009

    I have been suffering from vaginal itching since last Ramadhaan, and it causes some secretions to be discharged. Due to this, I used to rub my vulva in Ramadhaan, and this was usually accompanied by a feeling of pleasure and secretions. I do not know whether these secretions included vaginal fluid or not, because I have been suffering from vaginal itching.. More

  • How love affects the fast Date: 10-8-2009

    Does merely loving a girl without a future marriage contract or engagement with her invalidate the fast of Ramadhaan?.. More

  • Feeling pleasure during the Istinjaa’ (cleansing the private part) Date: 10-8-2009

    Does my feeling of pleasure during the Istinjaa’ (cleaning one’s private part after answering the call of nature) invalidate my fast? If I exaggerate in making Istinjaa’ because I enjoy it, would my fasting be invalid? Am I required to make up for the days of fasting when I did so?.. More

  • Inhaling vapor while fasting Date: 4-6-2009

    Assalamu alaikom, I have read many fatwas ,which say that water vapor ,if inhaled, invalidates the fast.So my question is that I was fasting one day and I was reheating some food leftovers to avoid spoilage.As I was doing so,I bent down and started smelling it (while the vapor was coming out) to find out if didn't spoil already.When I did this ,I.. More

  • Smelling vaginal discharges does not break fast Date: 28-12-2008

    Salaam Alaikum. I have a question regarding fasting and vaginal discharge. I am fasting to make up some days from Ramadan that I couldn't fast due to my period. I am fasting today and I noticed a good amount of discharge on the napkin of my underwear, so I ended up smelling this. But now I feel guilty for doing so because I hope it didn't break my.. More

  • Crying during the fast Date: 28-10-2007

    Salam Alaykom. Does crying invalidate (break) the fast??? Jazak'allah khayran... More

  • Using smoking patches during Ramadan Date: 6-9-2007

    I would like to ask about the patchs that are used for people who want to stop smoking. Are those ok to use during Ramdan or will they break the fast?.. More

  • Wearing lenses and putting lubricants in the eyes while fasting Date: 26-11-2006

    can we wear lences while fasting note that we have to put lubricant every four hour?.. More

  • Delaying Ghusl in Ramadan until 11 a.m Date: 28-8-2006

    salam alikom dear brothers and sisters i have a quetion which i could't ask any one but naw i got the chance to ask you and i hpoe to axpain it clearly and you unerstand my question. at the month of ramadan is it ok if we make nayat of fasting in (jonob) situation and then any time of the day wash our nody? it means if we sleep with ouy husband or wife.. More

  • Bathing while fasting Date: 31-7-2006

    1) Is it true that we should not take bath between 12 noon to 4 pm during the month of ramadhan? 2) can we wear the dress which was worn during menturation without washing it, if nothing is there on it i.e., neither any blood mark nor any smell for salat???.. More