383 fatwas

  • Burying a body without a brain Date: 27-1-2002

    A relative of mine (May Allah (SWT) have mercy on him), died two weeks ago in the UK from a brain hemorrhage. He was found unconscious outside his house by neighbours and was rushed to hospital where he died several days later. The doctors could not decide whether he had slipped and hit his head or some one had attacked him. As a result they refused.. More

  • Hadeeth about Passing by a Non-Muslim Grave Date: 15-1-2002

    Is there any Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that what we should say when we pass by a non-Muslim grave? .. More

  • Muslim's death and 40 days after Date: 7-1-2002

    When a Muslim dies what is the family supposed to do after burial concerning the forty days?.. More

  • Funeral Prayer for an absent person Date: 26-12-2001

    What is the Hadith about Janazah prayer ( for an absent person) and within how many days we have to conduct that prayer?.. More

  • Widow Reserves Plot Next to Deceased Husband Date: 11-12-2001

    My father passed away 10 days ago and has been buried with Muslims in USA. My mother wants to reserve a place beside my father's grave so she can be buried next to him when she dies. Is that allowed in Islam? .. More

  • Dying father wants to pay someone to compensate for 20 years of missed prayers Date: 26-11-2001

    I have a question. Please guide me in this regard. When my father was dying he told us to pay some money to a good Muslim believer to say daily prayers for him as compensation of a part of his lost prayers. (Equal to 20 years of daily prayers). The Ulamahs of Shiite say we can do this, but the matter that somebody can say prayer for another person is.. More

  • Funeral Prayer in a Loud Voice Date: 5-11-2001

    In our college one teacher is saying that we should not pray the Namaz of Janaza in a loud voice. We told him that we can pray in a loud voice, but our college teacher is not accepting that. He says that we should bring no Fatwa. Is it permissible or not? Some scholars pray Janaza loudly, and they claim that it is Sunnah to teach people since many people.. More

  • What to Do after Father's Death Date: 8-9-2001

    What should I do after my father's death? .. More

  • Readings when Visiting the Graves Date: 6-9-2001

    Can you please advise me what should you read when you visit the grave of family and friend? .. More

  • Confused About the Funeral Prayer for His Grandfather Date: 29-8-2001

    I hope, you will answer this question as soon as possible, because the matter is very serious and it is tormenting me very much. This morning we buried my grandfather. When praying Janaza prayer I realized that the Imam did not recite Surah al-Fatiha (he couldn't have read it so quickly!). Besides, there was almost no time left for me to say prayers.. More

  • Observing the Death of Mother Yearly with Quran Recitation and Food Date: 4-7-2001

    My neighbour's mother died on the 15th of Shawwal. Every year, on the 15th of Shawwal, she gathers family and friends who come and read Qur'an for the dead. After that a lot of food is served. What is the ruling on this? Is it Haram to do this? If it is, then is it OK to eat the food that is made for this occasion? She is my neighbour some of the food.. More

  • Saying Salaam to the Dead in Graveyards Date: 28-6-2001

    Is there any Hadith about saying salaam to the dead bodies in graves after entering the graveyard? .. More

  • Viewing of Muslim corpse Date: 3-5-2001

    What is the Islamic ruling on viewing of the male or female Myat (corpse). It is customary in my country that after Gusl the coffin is opened from the chest up for everyone to view (Mahram and non-Mahram). When my aunt died in the US recently we tried to have just the close relatives view, but some people complained that they came from far and can't.. More

  • Rituals for the Deceased Muslim Date: 24-4-2001

    What are the rituals (Fard and Sunnah) for attending the dead Muslim according to Islamic Sharia? please send the answer according to the Qur'an and Hadiths mentioning Hadiths No and Qur'anic verses.Can we recite Qur'an on their behalf? .. More

  • Husband Preparing Wife's Funeral and Other Issues Date: 14-4-2001

    1- In Pakistan there seems to be a tradition that when the wife dies the husband is not allowed to see her face or touch her dead body because according to them they both get divorced and the husband automatically becomes a namahram to her as she dies. Is this true?2- There are also some stories which we would like to confirm on their authenticity... More