535 fatwas

  • Girl Wants to Marry Without Parents' Consent Date: 12-12-2001

    Is it possible for the virgin Muslim female to marry a Muslim who is recommended and well known in the community by his good behaviour and morals if her parents refuse him for no reason? In that case, can she let any one of her relatives or even leader of the Muslims to be her "wakeel" to process this marriage, although her father is there? .. More

  • Arrangements with girl's uncle for her marriage Date: 5-11-2001

    May Allah (SWT) guide us all to the right path always (Ameen)? I would like to ask if a mother's brother can be a Wali when the girl has no father and no one from her father's side and she have only her mother's brother, can he do her marriage contract as her Wali? Can he agree or refuse for the girl's marriage proposal without enough reason? If he.. More

  • Marrying Girl with Intention to Leave Her Date: 5-11-2001

    I would like to know the reasons for making Zawaj el-Neya (when you marry a girl you intend to leave her without telling her that you will leave her when the time comes) Halal and what are the evidence from Qur'an and Sunnah. .. More

  • Father Won’t Allow Daughter to Marry Date: 10-10-2001

    I have a 32 years old sister who has been suffering from depression like symptoms because of not being married at her age. A man in his late 30's wants to marry her. I know that he is an excellent person in character and in Islam from the people I talked too. He is an Imam in one of the local mosques and a known professor at a university. The man is.. More

  • Sequence of woman's guardians in marriage Date: 24-9-2001

    I have no Wali currently as my father has passed away and I have no brothers. Is it ok for me to be my own Wali if I am of age? (34) .. More

  • Sunni Woman Wants to Marry Sunni Man But Her Non-Sunni Parents Object Date: 13-9-2001

    Does a woman have to have a Wali to be able to marry? There is a young lady who is from ahl-Sunah whose family are all from those who believe that the companions of the Prophet committed Kufr. She wants to marry a young Sunni man but her family does not allow it. They want her to marry only a man who holds their beliefs. That means, she has no Wali.. More

  • Parents Obliging Children to Marry Date: 16-7-2001

    Can parents obligate their children to marry someone without the children's consent? .. More

  • Mut'ah (temporary marriage) Date: 16-7-2001

    Dear Sir, I am a single Muslim guy living in the U.S. During my stay here, I met several Muslim brothers, who are She'ah. They are trying to convince me that "Zawaj Al Mutah" is HALAL, and that even SHiekh Qaradawi approved it. And that Omar Bin AL Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) is the one who abolished it, and declared it Haram... More

  • Woman marrying during menses Date: 6-7-2001

    Is it right if a woman marry during her period?.. More

  • Family Difficulties Due To Divorcee Marrying Without Parents' Consent Date: 1-7-2001

    Does a divorced lady (non-virgin) (aged 30) with a child need the consent and approval of her parents to marry a revert person whom she likes to marry? Does she disobey her parents by getting married to the person she likes, if the parents are against her marriage? Is the marriage will be valid if she marries without the consent and approval of the.. More

  • Marriage to American Woman to Gain Legal Status Date: 12-6-2001

    I want to know the rule for the one who marries an American woman to get legal status. .. More

  • Validity of Marriage in Doubt Date: 18-5-2001

    I married 3 years ago. The person who wrote the paper was half drunk but still he can remember what happened then. The one who wrote the contract was the one who was the witness also. I did not do "sexual intercourse with her". Then I divorced her. I returned her but not with witnesses. I did it by my self she came back to me. I then divorced her again.. More

  • A Muslim Woman Getting Married to a Non-Muslim Man Date: 6-5-2001

    My cousin's daughter is getting married to a non muslim, in a church with a dinner reception where alcohol and dancing will be plentiful, I know that I will not attend the wedding, however I sent a card with a gift and wrote in it "may Allah guide you both on his path" but when I try to explain to other relatives that it is haram to attend such a wedding,.. More

  • Marriage witnesses Date: 21-2-2001

    My fiance and I, want to marry soon. Our problem is that we cannot announce our marriage among our community because of very complicated financial and social circumstances, and also we cannot move to another community that soon. My fiance has three sons males of ages 27, 24, and 17 and two daughters. All of them are accepting our marriage. Is it correct.. More

  • Marriage Celebration Date: 20-2-2001

    I'm living in America. A brother here is getting married. I advised him that the Waleema (wedding banquet) should be held within three days after the marriage ceremony. I heard also that the Waleema should only be done after having sex with the bride. Since some husbands delay having sex with their new wives, what is the correct opinion? Please answer.. More