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  • Claiming marriage was invalid to escape the consequences of the third divorce Date: 8-11-2014

    Two people commit zina, it results in pregnancy, they get married after the 4th month of the pregnancy before making tawbah to hide the sin, they live normal etc and then get divorced 3 times, the girl then tells the guy that their nikkah was invalid because they got married during her iddah (during the pregnancy) so based on this they want to marry,.. More

  • Woman has right to rescind forced marriage Date: 27-10-2014

    In Fatwa No : 87853 you say that the majority of scholars permit the father to force his daughter to marry someone she does not want to marry but in Fatwa No : 162499 it is said that you follow the opinion that the girl may be given away in marriage without her consent but she has the right to rescind it. Please clarify this. Do the majority of scholars.. More

  • Marriage without a Wali is invalid Date: 25-10-2014

    Assalamu Alaykum, I am from India. We are from strict islamic family. One year ago my sister in law's daughter ran away with one man and married. Now they are living together. Our family was not ready to accept this because he was not following islamic life, was drinking and also a with criminal records. As we oppose this they married without Waliy... More

  • Wife set condition for marriage that son would live with her Date: 15-10-2014

    Before marrying my husband I told him that I have my son 10 years old. and want to bring him to live with me. he accepted and said that he is going to support me. when I married him. my son arrived almost 2 years after (I managed to bring him as it was not possible before). before he comes my husband was upset and was trying to make me change my mind... More

  • A case of marriage without the guardian's knowledge Date: 14-10-2014

    I married a girl without her parents’ consent 4 years ago. We had a relation and I was in fear of Allah of a haraam relation, so I married her. I realize now after study that I should make her wali agree upon me. How will I do this??- 1. Will I let her wali know by her or by my wali that I have married his daughter without his consent but now I seek.. More

  • Marrying a woman who proves to be still married to her first husband Date: 11-10-2014

    ASLAMO ALAIKUM, sir my question is.a man marry a divorce women after two years a man know this truth her first husband not gave him divorce she is liying her second husband.in this situatin he throw out her wife and stop all the relation with her.what you say about this marry.and secondly.her first husband daughter who her women real daughter is wish.. More

  • Adultery does not establish lineage or affect marriage Date: 29-9-2014

    i have learnt from this forum that whenever there is difference of opinion on a matter then a mufti should choose that opinion which is more close to quran and sunnah. please refer to question no.2512190, there are two opinions on this issue. one that was answered on this forum that nikkah is only way of establishing linkage and adultery can not establish.. More

  • Marriage concluded without Wali Date: 2-9-2014

    Salaam If a Girl and a boy do nikkah with each other without the presence of wali and keep it secret. The wali doesn't want to marry her daughter wth the boy because he belongs to a Raja Family & boy belongs to a Kashmiri Khan Family. Secondly Boy's family doesn't match girl's family according to financial status, and thirdly boy is less educated.. More

  • Separation does not affect a valid marriage Date: 29-7-2014

    I would be very appreciating for your help on this matter: 1. My wife and I performed Nikkah in 2003, followed by a walleema (celebration in front of friends and family) 2. Hamdouli’l”Allah, Allah, blessed us with 2 beautiful kids. 3. My wife filed for dissolution of Marriage (divorce) in an American court. The court found No valid marriage took.. More

  • She is worried because she got married without a Wali Date: 12-7-2014

    salam wa3alaykoem wa rahmatoellahi wa barakatoeh, i'm married now 6 years,my mother didn't wanted to marry me with this man so mi parents left me with the mans family 1 year without papers, after that mi father came to me and gave me my papers so i can have mi identicard and marry this man. we made a marriage with the family of the man withouwt mi parents.. More

  • A case of a controversial marriage and Khul' Date: 12-7-2014

    Respected Mufti I did secrete nikah with an already married person against will of my family .My assumption was that ultimately my family would agree. In mean time one my friend told me about carrier related consequences of bigamy-loss of eligibility for job. He convinced me for Khula and prepare agreement paper. Discussing the problem with my husband.. More

  • Holding a wedding ceremony is not enough for the validity of marriage Date: 9-7-2014

    Assalamu alaykum, I have a question regarding a complicated situation. If a woman who is divorced meets a potential husband and he arranges for two of his friends to give the ceremony, but no maher is given or promised, no Imam is present, and no paper is signed, and marriage is not consummated, is this a valid marriage? Also, if the husband divorces.. More

  • A marriage contract without witnesses Date: 22-5-2014

    salam.i already asked you a question.you gave me answer but in the form of related fatwa's.i request you to please give me a short answer.i am still confuse. my question is that,my nikah is conducted in the presence of one wakeel and one qari who is responsible for nikah.no wittners present at that time.when wakeel hand over our nakah nama the name.. More

  • Husband is not entitled to stipulate that his wife does not marry after his death Date: 25-4-2014

    Bismillah, Assalaam Alaykum Shaykh, Can a man put a condition in the marriage contract which stipulates his wife cannot marry after his death? Death such as on the battlefield or by other means? May Allaah reward you with good. Wa'salaam .. More

  • She does not have a Muslim Wali to give her in marriage Date: 5-4-2014

    Salaam Alaykum, I am a divorced muslim american woman who is engaged to an egyptian muslim man. I would like to go to Egypt to marry him. All of my family are Christian..my mother is ok and is very happy about the marriage and my father does not care either way. I know I need to have a male family member "give me away", but I have no male family member.. More