659 fatwas

  • Paying Zakaah on behalf of dead father Date: 23-4-2001

    My father died without paying Zakah. Can we pay after death for him? .. More

  • Giving Zakaah to Poor Brothers and Sisters Date: 26-2-2001

    I knew that it is not permissible to pay Zakat al mal for parents. But, in my case my parents have my youngs "2 sisters and a brother", all students in the University. Also, I have other 2 married sisters and all of them are poor. Can I pay Zakat el mal to my brother and sisters who are living with my parents and to the other married sisters? Note:.. More

  • Zakah on investments Date: 8-1-2001

    I am 19 years old. I have funds in four American medical companies in US. I can not manage my funds until I reach 21 . Therefore, my father pays the Zakah on these funds until I reach 21. Is this allowed in Islam? Are the profits to be included in the Zakah or not?.. More

  • Zakat on Savings, But Has Expenses and not Working Date: 4-1-2001

    I have money saved in the bank and its Zakat is due. If I am not working and I have to pay rent for my house for one year (according to renting contract or lease), please explain regarding this case, I would like to be sure about the ruling of Zakat when you have other obligations. What is the ruling if you receive loan from the government for the.. More

  • Zakaah on loans Date: 26-12-2000

    I entrusted to money trusting someone to keep for me and to use it .The money is with the people whom I have entrusted it. They are using my money. Do I have to take out the Zakah on that money or they will take out the Zakah on it. If they take out the Zakah, can I take it and give it to my needy people? If they are not using the money then whats the.. More

  • Zakah on money Date: 25-12-2000

    I am 22 years old student here in the US, I've been here for 7 years. I work as part time and I've saved about 14000 dollars till now, for marriage and other things? Do I have to give Zakah on my money? If so, how much should I give on 14000 dollars? .. More

  • Zakaah on property for which Zakaah was paid previous year Date: 23-12-2000

    Is it necessary to pay Zakah for a property (for current year), for which the Zakah is paid in the previous year? Please enclose with authentic Hadith. .. More

  • Personally distributing Zakah Date: 22-12-2000

    If some one takes out Zakah of money and distribute it to the poor by himself without giving to "Bait al maal" (Muslims treasury) is this Zakah valued infront of Allah. Please note that I am from a small village where I do not trust the management personnel. .. More

  • He lives in Japan but wants to pay Zakaatul-Fitr in Egypt Date: 21-12-2000

    About Zakah al-Fitr, I live in Japan now for study. I want to pay my Zakah this year to someone in Egypt, my home country. What is the amount of money should I pay. Since they pay in Egypt about 5 pounds and the Islamic Center here in Tokyo said about 1500 Yen, about 52 pounds, but I will pay it In Egypt not in Japan? .. More

  • Zakah to sister Date: 14-12-2000

    Can a person give Zakah to his sister? To whom can Zakah and Fitra be given?.. More

  • Calculating Zakah after debts Date: 14-12-2000

    I have a bank loan on my house for 100,000 dollars and I have a company long term stock purchase valued around 100,000 thousand dollars. Do I need to take Zakah out for 100,000 thousand dollars invested in my company stock plan, or due to debts (around 120,000 thousand dollars) I wipe that out so I only take Zakah out on what I have in my bank accout.. More

  • Zakah on land and part-time salary Date: 26-9-2000

    I am currently a student in US. Last 1 year my grandmother purchased land in my name. I work part time here. I am not married. Am I liable to pay the Zakah on that land? Is Zakah compulsory on me now when I am working part time. If so, how much should I be paying and to whom? Please give me a detailed answer so that I do not have any more doubts.. More

  • Sponsorship of Muslim school Date: 21-8-2000

    Alsalamu Alikum, Dear Sir, In my question here I will talk about an important problem that is facing Muslim communities in western societies. I am a member in the board of one of the Islamic Centers in a Canadian city. I am also in charge of the education committee, which is responsible for holding weekend schools and summer school for the Muslim children,.. More

  • Giving Zakaat to One's Servant Date: 23-7-2000

    Can I give my Zakah to my servant he is very poor? .. More

  • Calculating Zakah Date: 10-6-2000

    I asked for a formula to calculate Zakah for monthly increasing amounts. You asked to refer to question 1113. Please help in calculating the Zakah for the following amounts in United Arab Dirhams. 03/1999 8160, 04/1999 19360, 05/1999 35160, 06/1999 52820, 07/1999 39941, 08/1999 56805, 09/2000 47038, 10/1999 62655, 11/1999 57587, 12/1999 20207, 01/2000.. More