659 fatwas

  • Zakah not given to one's young children Date: 7-6-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband's salary can only cover the rent. He has a piece of land that his mother gave him and some money in the bank which he plans to invest along with that land in order to build a house for us and maybe, if it is enough, to make a business that may give him a somehow secure future as he is not entlited to a pension at an old.. More

  • Calculating zakah when one is creditor and debtor Date: 17-5-2016

    Zakah question! I have savings amounting to around 200,000 riyal plus some gold that is above the nisab (minimum amount for a muslim net worth to be obligated to give zakat after having owned that value for a lunar year) level. 1) I have also given a loan to my brother to help him out for 100,000 riyal. He will pay me monthly in installments from.. More

  • Covering mother's medical expenses with zakah money Date: 16-5-2016

    I am a 70-year-old person who is retired and has no means of income besides some investments in Islamic bonds. I pay zakah to deserving persons every year, praise be to Allaah. My 100-year-old mother fell seriously sick and had a paralysis stroke and is presently in a coma. She is attended to by two female nurses [12 hour duty each] and one physiotherapist.. More

  • Is zakah Al-Fitr accepted from a bank employee? Date: 9-5-2016

    Is it permissible to receive zakah Al-Fitr from someone who works in a bank or from money that comes from banks? .. More

  • Zakah Al-Fitr of the children who are in the custody of a divorced wife Date: 9-5-2016

    A friend of mine divorced his wife. His wife has the custody of the children. Should he pay zakah on behalf of the children or is this the duty of their mother, given the fact that he pays them monthly alimony? .. More

  • Ruling on paying zakah Al-Fitr in extra Date: 5-5-2016

    Can I pay zakah Al-Fitr for my wife, kids, and myself in an amount that is bigger than the one prescribed? Should I pay zakah on gold (jewelry) from my own money or from my wife’s money? I would like to inform you that my wife and I receive equal salaries. .. More

  • Many questions about giving zakah money to relatives Date: 2-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum.First of all, I pray to Allaah to give more power and good health to the one who made this usefull website in order to keep helping people like this. 1. I am the elder son in my family; I am married and have a family of my own. I calculate zakah every year and then slowly pay it when people need it. I try my best to pay it off.. More

  • Paying zakah for past years - Borrowing to pay zakah Date: 21-4-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. If one has not paid zakah in the past and must make up for all of them, is it possible for him to pay the old zakah based on the current amount of money in his possession? For example, the person has x amount of money and he multiplies the figure for the total of zakahs that he has to pay. Can one do.. More

  • How zakah is paid for dropshipping business Date: 3-4-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am doing a dropshipping business for a year. About a year ago, my capital for doing such business was about $200. Overtime, my capital increased, and I used it to purchase some goods that were then delivered to the consumer and constitute a circulation cycle that continued until, finally, after a year, praise be to Allaah, I successfully.. More

  • Taking fee for distributing zakah of relative Date: 27-3-2016

    Respectful scholar, assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. I request you to answer my question regarding zakah. I have been receiving zakah money from my relative who lives abroad in order to distribute it. This has been going on for more than a year, so my responsibility regarding it has also increased. My question is whether I can take.. More

  • Giving Zakah to poor unmarried sister who owns a piece of land Date: 27-2-2016

    We are four brother and one sister who is unmarried (aged 36). As a human being, every brother is responsible to bear the cost of living as well as the medical costs of their mother and sister since their father is dead. No one is supporting her (the sister), but I have been supporting her for the last seven years. Now, my question is whether I can.. More

  • An amount of money equal to nisaab should be possessed for a whole lunar year Date: 9-1-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I got PKRs.950,000 in May 2014 to buy a residential plot. I spent some of it, and after one year I was left with PKRs.500,000. During this one year period, I also got PKRs.2,500,000 from other sources and finaly bought a plot for PKRs.3,400,000 in June 2015. As I bought the plot after one year, I started arranging money. Now I want.. More

  • Giving Zakah collectors percentage of Zakah funds as commission Date: 22-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. I would like to know whether the practice of collecting funds that is outlined below is allowed in Islam; or up to what extend it is not forbidden. The practice is: There is a regular practice in India, especially in the month of Ramadan, that is followed by most of the Islamic institutions. The institution.. More

  • Giving money to mazars that feed the poor Date: 8-12-2015

    I live in the South Asian countries, were organisations and 'mazars of pir', who usually give shelter to poor, devouted muslims, are quite famous. My question is: Can I give charity (not zakah) to these mazar, not with the intention of grave worship, but only that it would be used to feed the poor? Also, will my charity be accepted if they use the money.. More

  • Paying overdue zakah on silver hoarded by mother Date: 26-11-2015

    We found out that we own seven kgs of silver that were given as a gift by guestsduring our wedding. The silver was never in our possession but remained in my wife's mother's custody for the last 30 years. We were given it after her death. Is silver subject to zakah, and if so, then how should it be calculated? .. More