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  • Concealing fasting is not forbidden in Islam Date: 16-9-2009

    I am currently fasting as an expiation for manslaughter and I am trying to hide this from people. It was a painful accident and I do not want to talk about it. One of my neighbors happened to offer me some food. I forgot that I was fasting, so I put part of it in my mouth. When I remembered, I spat it out and pretended to chew it by moving my jaws lest.. More

  • The person who caused the accident has to expiate and pay Diyah Date: 18-6-2009

    salam, a person is driving a car with 5 passengers, a trailer hit his car at the back, as a result of that 3 out of the 5 passengers die. is he the one who is going to do fasting or the trailer driver?. assalamu alaikum.. More

  • Expiation for killing by mistake Date: 8-1-2009

    Incase the death of several people occurs out of the mistake or poor judgement of a caregiver, what should the caregiver do if he/she can not find a slave to free or fast two consecutive months for each of the victims?.. More

  • Diyah for aborting a fetus Date: 9-12-2007

    Assalam alaikum brother, I would like to know about the diyyah when people make abortion . You have mentioned in your answers that the person should keep fast for two consecutive months. Does that mean the woman who has caused her abortion ? But as u know that women they have a certains days in a month when they cannot pray or fast . Is it that the.. More

  • The meaning of one tenth of the mother’s Diyah Date: 4-9-2007

    1)What dose it mean 1/10 of the diyyah of the mother? What is Diyyah? Is "mother" meance the one who was pregnant or mother of pregnant woman?Can i convert it in to UAE dirham value? 2)If abortion was done within one month of pregnancy is it nessesseraly to pay 1/10 of Diyyah of the mother? If ,no, what is a tauba?.. More

  • Diyah of gouging an eye Date: 24-5-2006

    what should I do I was thirteen years old when I shot a none beleiver boy in the eye and I caused him to lose vision in his left eye, even so I was aiming to shoot him between the eyes with my bi bi gun. help please because I always think about what I have done , and since the boy didn't know that Iam the who shot him . .. More

  • Negligently caused the death of an indefinite number of people Date: 20-3-2006

    Please let me know the situation of someone who negligently causes the death of some people but can not fast two months for each of the deaths or free a slave for each of the deaths. What should he do? What if he is unable to contact the family members of the deceased people or it will be an extraordinarily difficult task to do so? What then are his.. More

  • Wants to sue a travel agency for the death of his son Date: 29-11-2005

    One of our Muslim brothers traveled with his family (wife and younger son) in a hired vehicle with driver from a travel agency of Hindu owner. They met with an accident and the younger son died on the spot. Driver escaped without any injury. The Muslim brother and his wife got minor injuries only. As per Indian Traffic Law, the travel agency.. More

  • Killing accidently in the sacred months Date: 21-11-2005

    Yes, I read your advice regarding the sacred months. Did you mean it is "Especially" wrong to kill during any of the sacred months? Is not not wrong to do so at any time?.. More

  • Her husband was involved in an accidental death Date: 25-8-2005

    A sister is asking: My husband, may Allaah be merciful on him, Aameen, had a car accident. He did not see a cyclist that was coming the other way and the cyclist hit my husband's car, or my husband hit him first. It happened so fast that we cannot know who hit who first. But, following driving rules in UK, my husband is in theory at fault, even.. More

  • Blood money for the death of a woman Date: 8-8-2005

    Is the Diyyah for a woman half of that for a man? If so, what is the proof from the Sunnah and what is the reasoning behind this. What if the woman killed was breadwinner of the family? .. More

  • Expiation for a doctor whose mistake results in the death of a patient Date: 10-4-2005

    If during medical treatment the actions of a doctor unwittingly results in the death of the patient (e.g. due to oversight, negligence, etc.), what kind of expiation is required? Is the expiation the same for a Muslim as well as a non-Muslim patient, child or adult patient? .. More

  • Responsibility for blood-money for killing Date: 7-3-2005

    My question is, somebody wanted to kill a person, when he fired the gun he missed and killed a by passer. A third unknown person then killed the murderer. Who is suppose to bay the blood-money of the by passer? If it is his family can anybody else contribute to pay it?.. More

  • Fasting to compensate for killing another Muslim unintentionally Date: 24-2-2005

    I want to ask a controversial question on killing another Muslim unintentionally. some scholars say that if a Muslim kills more than 3 Muslims he is to suppose to fast just for 180 days equivalent to 3 people no matter the amount of people he kills, while some say he is supposed to fast for sixty days for each Muslim he kills, that is if.. More

  • What to do if a person has killed someone accidently Date: 18-7-2004

    What is the verdict established by Shariah for a person who killed another person in a car accident and the victim's relative forgives the killer?.. More