132 fatwas

  • Killing of innocent peoples in Kashmir Date: 21-2-2001

    How do you feel the about killing of innocent peoples in Kashmir?.. More

  • Responsibilities of Muslims Living in non-Muslim Countries Date: 6-2-2001

    People say to me that as a Muslim living in the Britain I am leading a life of sin, is this true? Also they say that my priority should be to think of going and doing Jihad in Palestine, Afghanistan, etc. as they are being invaded by non-Muslims, is this my priority even though I am involved in the Dawah in Britain? Also they say Jihad has become Fard.. More

  • Voting in US elections Date: 3-1-2001

    For Muslims in the USA, can we vote for non-Muslims at election time?.. More

  • People who Live in Muslim Lands and Those in Europe Date: 2-1-2001

    Is there any differences between the people who live in the Islamic countries and Europe? .. More

  • Hunger Strike Until Death Because of Injustice Date: 1-1-2001

    I have a question to ask, and I would put an example for you kindly to answer it. For example, if somebody was UNFAIRLY jailed and he asks to be let free or he would go on strike on food to death. The person is a good businessman and he makes a lot of money when he works (adding to Islam strength). For him, a jail is end of life and he would like to.. More

  • How can we solve the problems of the Ummah? Date: 1-1-2001

    In a previous Fatwa mentioned that Hizb ul Tahreer (a Muslim poltical group) are neglecting certain aspects of Islam i.e the spiritual, how can we solve the problems of the Ummah?.. More

  • Struggling for an Islamic State Date: 22-7-2000

    We are mujahideen of Darul Islam (struggling for an Islamic state in Indonesia). How would you consider us within the Indonesian Muslim society and the official government of Indonesia? .. More

  • Dar-al-Islam Date: 2-2-2000

    Assalaam-u-alikum Where is dar-us-Salaam?.. More

  • Praying Qunoot Date: 21-11-1999

    How long can the Muslim ummah pray QUNOOT in the Jum'aah prayer? What is the status of a Muslim Ummah who have been continuously praying the QUNOOT in the second rak'aah for more than 20 months?.. More

  • State of Islam in world today Date: 31-8-1999

    What is the Islamic adminstrataion in this age ? Why are Muslims today not United ? Can Islam be implemented in the entire world as presented by Prophet (pbuh) ?.. More

  • Responsibility for situation in Afghanistan Date: 10-8-1999

    Who is responsible for the present situation in Afghanistan?.. More

  • Muslim student wants to know responsibilities to Islam Date: 10-8-1999

    Alslamo Alikom! I'm 20 years old studying Engineering. First of all, I thank all people incharge of this web. My question is: what is my responsibilty to Islam ? I see so many wrong things in every Arab country and I can't do anything. So please do everything for Islam. Finally, I thank you very much and I wait for your answer. Thanks and I would.. More