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  • Adopting a gradual approach in Da‘wah Date: 11-3-2012

    My friend neither wears the Hijaab nor observes the obligatory prayers. Seeking the help of Allaah The Almighty, I am trying to convince her that both prayer and the Hijaab are among the obligations of a Muslim woman. Hoping that this may be the beginning of a new phase in her life and a cause for the guidance of Allaah, I am trying to take her with.. More

  • Leniency and kindness a must in Da'wah Date: 8-3-2012

    I sit with some women who often indulge in backbiting and tale-bearing; what should I do? One of them says that she does not admire some of the traits of so and so, yet she does not mention the name. Is this considered backbiting? When someone indirectly mentions that so and so does not do his work properly or that some of his personal traits.. More

  • Duties of a Daa`iyah (caller to Islam) Date: 7-3-2012

    What are the duties of a caller to Allaah The Almighty? .. More

  • Qualities of a Caller to Islam Date: 13-2-2012

    i like to be moslim scholar but i got many problem ahead of me and iam somali living in southafrica what i must do to success against this problems .. More

  • (True) callers to Islam are the farthest of people from hypocrisy Date: 23-8-2011

    Are there hypocrites from among callers to Islam? .. More

  • How to be a successful caller to Islam Date: 18-8-2011

    I would like to be an effective caller to Islam. I wish to know the right method for calling girls to adhere to the teachings of Islam. Some of them accept my method, while others reject it... More

  • Basic principles of sincerity in Da‘wah (Calling to Islam) Date: 14-8-2011

    I work as an Imaam. How can I call to Allaah sincerely?.. More

  • Tips for fruitful advice Date: 28-7-2011

    I am a young man, and Allaah The Almighty has made me steadfast in doing good deeds. There are some people in my family who violate the Sharee‘ah. My father and mother do not abide by the Islamic rules regarding mingling with non-Mahram (i.e., marriageable) kin. My brother does not order his wife to wear Hijaab in front of me and my brothers. I.. More

  • Importance of Fiqh to a caller to Islam Date: 20-7-2011

    How important is knowing and memorizing the Quran and Hadeeth and the jurisprudence related to Hadeeth and the Quran for a caller to Islam?.. More

  • He raises his voice at his parents while advising them Date: 23-6-2011

    Asalam Alikum wr wb Dear Shaikh, My problem is that i speak loudly with my parents i get angry but then i realise i made sin but i dont know how i will explain my mom i tell her to pray 5 times and she prays 3 or 2 or 1 time only i want her to be in paradise and in explaining her i get angery that pray etc, another problem is taht i tel her to give.. More

  • Prerequisites of working in Da'wah Date: 11-4-2011

    What do I have to do to be a caller to Allaah? .. More

  • Deserting one's family to perform Da‘wah Date: 7-4-2011

    What is the ruling of deserting one’s family for the pretext of performing Da‘wah (Islamic propagation)? .. More

  • Da‘wah requires knowledge, patience and a gradual approach Date: 23-1-2011

    Some foreign experts work with me. When I talk to them about Islam, they listen to me. One of them is Christian and another is Buddhist. However, I do not know how to do Da‘wah (Propagating Islam), and I lack the skill to introduce Islam gradually. Please, tell me how to do Da‘wah, and tell me about websites specialized in educating people to do.. More

  • Giving Fatwa without knowledge is a very dangerous matter Date: 20-12-2010

    salam aleikum sheikh.. i have one question insha allah... we have one sister who make lesson for women every week..the problem is that the sister give diffrent fatawa and teach things about islam that is not correct.. i have send mail to the sister with hadiths and other proof from sunnah about the things she have say wrong and even send mail.. More

  • The importance of kindness in admonition Date: 3-11-2010

    Some of my family members do not abide by Islamic teachings and commit major sins such as backbiting. I often advise them and sometimes in an annoying manner, such as shouting at them. But I only do so with the intention of advising them. Thus, I have a couple of questions: 1- What is the ruling on shouting at them with the intention of giving them.. More