3421 fatwas

  • A Child Not Informing His Parents About His Marriage and Delaying Its Consummation Date: 18-4-2021

    I have a question concerning announcing the marriage. Is it permissible for a man to delay telling his parents that he has gotten married? Also, should the man avoid consummating the marriage until his parents are aware of the situation? .. More

  • Not Necessary for One Who Committed Zina to Confess before the Ruler Date: 11-4-2021

    Assalam o elaikum,If a person while asking a fatwa from a mufti discloses his fornication or Zina. Can his repentance be accepted without the hadd punishment? And can he marry a chaste women after sincere repentance from that ugly act without hadd punishment being enforced on him? Or is the hadd punishment a must for his repentance if he told someone.. More

  • Obligation on Husband to Spend on Medication and Treatment of His Wife Date: 31-3-2021

    Assalamu'alaykum. I read one of your fatwas in which the majority of the scholars decided that the husband is not obliged to pay for his wife's treatment. This has caused me confusion, Is there any of the scholars who obliged the husband to do so? If so, may i know who they are? .. More

  • Seeks Soorah to Extend His Livelihood Date: 30-3-2021

    Salaam alaikom My family are having financial crises in our house and I wanted to know according to the Quran which surahs according to authentic hadiths can increase wealth within our life and make us rich . I also read tahjudd but there are people who make fake hadiths up about which surah does what but I cannot trust anyone is there a chance you.. More

  • Held the Quran and Promised Not to Do a Certain Thing Date: 30-3-2021

    Please I want to know If I made an oath in the following situation: I held the quran and promised nobody in particular, I just said "I promise not to do a certain thing" without mentioning Allah or even the quran I was holding. Is it still an oath? .. More

  • New Muslim Wants to Strengthen Her Connection with Allah Date: 30-3-2021

    Hi, I’m a new muslim, I have strong faith in Allah, I pray, and I read the Quran sometimes. This might sound bad, but I don’t feel connected to Allah like I did before. I’m actually praying more and trying to not to sin more than I did before so I don’t understand. Does this mean Allah doesn’t care about me? .. More

  • Disclosing One’s Deeds Without Showing Off Date: 23-1-2021

    I know that in islam actions are by intentions, so in that case, is it permissible to "show off" good deed for a good purpose? For example, let's say you are surrounded by people who are proud of their sins and negatively influencing others, is it ok to try to counter it by "showing off" your acts of worship so people will not feel like no body is practicing.. More

  • Failing in the Test Is Not Due to Not Living With the Husband Date: 23-1-2021

    Assalamualaikum. There is a question from a married woman. She has been married for 3 years, but she lives with her parents because she is the only child of her parents. She has a permission from her husband to live with her parents. In two occassions, she took tests for being a public officer, but she failed with slightly-little gap in score from the.. More

  • Not Sunnah to Recite Thikr Collectively or to Supplicate Collectively After Prayer Date: 23-1-2021

    Salam Aleikum! We pray fard and after immidiately we stand up moving aside praying sunnah. At the end someone say dhikr and we follow what he say "subhanallah" and we say 33 times as it same goes on elhamdulailah, Allah akbar" and imam raise hands making dua, and everyone doing the same and at the end Surah El-Fatiha! They say that is the correct.. More

  • Concealing Righteous Deeds or Showing Them to Parents Date: 23-1-2021

    Dear sheikh may I kindly request you do not send me a link please. My question is, will I be rewarded if I tell my parents about the good deeds I have done in order to make them happy? Or should I not do this and conceal my good deeds from absolutely everyone? .. More

  • No Sin for Noticing a Woman Beside You Provided You Avert Your Gaze and Look Away Date: 22-1-2021

    I know that men must lower their gaze if there are women. But is it ok if I dont look at a woman directly but I can still see her in my peripheral vision? So for example if a woman is to my right so I look to my left, but can still see that someone is there in my peripheral vision, but I cannot make out their details, is that ok sheikh?.. More

  • My Mother-In-Law Committed Suicide Because of Disgraceful Acts by Father-In-Law Date: 5-12-2020

    My father in law was committed in prostitution and alcoholic because of this my mother in law committed suicide, at this scenario father law asking for forgiveness, and his son and daughter not willing to accept because he is not a trustable person he may not stand his word and he may commit sin in future. Kindly guide us on the right things against.. More

  • For an Oath to Be Valid It Must Be Verbalized Loud Date: 2-12-2020

    Assamuliyum, I was wondering if an oath would count if my lips are sealed but you can hear the mumbling of my mouth but the lips aren't moving.Thanky you. .. More

  • Parents Are Not Allowed to Prevent Their Son from Obligatory Fasting or Obligatory Hajj Date: 28-11-2020

    Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, I have to do kaffara for broken promises i need to fast but my parents are not allowing me to fast and they don't know that i am fasting for kaffara and i am not able to tell them the truth,i just say them that i am fasting from tomorrow for three days and they do not allow me to fast as i don't tell them.. More

  • Mother Took Oath Not to Take Medicine but They Forced Her to Do So Date: 28-11-2020

    Assalamualaikum Sheikh My mother has a sleeping disorder problem. For this doctor has precribe her medicine. She didn't want to take medicine because of side-effects of the medicine like depression, sedation, agitation, drowsiness. One day she has taken an oath by Allah that she Won't take medicine anymore. But as it is important for her to take medicine.. More