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  • Increasing height in teenage girls Date: 9-8-2005

    Treatment for increasing height for teenage girls. .. More

  • Cosmetic surgery Date: 8-8-2005

    I have a question about a medical fact. One of my friends has cancer in her breast and now she had an operation where they cut most of her breast away! So she has just one breast left. But she was going to marry and her groom wants her to take a breast surgery. Now my question is if its allowed in Islam to take such a surgery and if its maybe.. More

  • Cosmetic surgery Date: 21-6-2005

    I am small framed with large breasts, since I had a baby my chest got bigger, resulting in excess skin and sagging. I feel that people stare at my chest before and after the pregnancy. Is it ok to have a lift to reduce the size and to keep people from not looking, even though I wear very loose clothing? .. More

  • Face transplantation Date: 9-5-2005

    In English class we read articles about "face transplants" and I wanted to know the Islamic in depth perspective of such operations, so that I can provide proper feedback to my class mates based on a solid foundation. Please reply as soon as possible - before my next English class! .. More

  • Fixing one's broken tooth Date: 19-10-2004

    I broke off the bottom corner of my front tooth while eating. Is it Haraam to have my front teeth filed down for cosmetic purposes so that my teeth are even looking, or is it only acceptable to "glue" on a piece of fake tooth to repair the damage?.. More

  • Wants to enlarge his penis Date: 8-9-2004

    I have a small penis (04 cm) and I have 25 years the question is: if it must to be making the surgical operation for to beenlargeor not... More

  • Surgery to correct a male's large breast Date: 30-6-2004

    28 years male having problem of enlarged breast called ganomacitcia, surgery to remove is the best solution. Is it allowed Islamicly to have the surgery performed? .. More

  • Plastic surgery for beautification Date: 27-5-2004

    I have a question concerning the beauty of women. Is it permissible for women to have plastic surgery for beauty? A friend's daughter has normal ears but for beauty she wants to have surgery of the ears to make them more beautiful. She wants to know if it is permissible because in Canada it is kind of free for the kids, and she wants to take.. More

  • Cosmetic clinics Date: 23-5-2004

    I am a Doctor planning to open a clinic with the following services. Each service Halal or not: 1) Hair transplant for bald people. 2) Hair removal for men and women. 3) Wrinkles removed from faces by injections? .. More

  • Wants surgery to enlarge her breasts Date: 4-3-2004

    Ihas very small breasts and have been married for 6 years. Is it allowed in Islam tohave enlargement surgery to please one's husband?.. More

  • Removing a disturbing hump on one's nose Date: 13-10-2003

    I have a hump on my nose since my adolescence. And a few months ago, I have broken my nose in an accident, and this has accentuated this hump. Do you think that it would be Haram or Halal if I had a surgical operation to remove it, since it disturbs me and I think of it everyday!.. More

  • Medically enlarging the breasts Date: 15-7-2003

    I want to know what Shariah says in using medicament that can give volume to the breast of the women, especially if a women has a small one and suffer because of it in front of their family (sister and cousins) and for her future with her potential husband? The doctors say that it helps without any problem... More

  • Wants to become plastic surgeon Date: 17-2-2003

    I am a general surgeon in a Muslim country. I am a Muslim and I would like to study plastic surgery. What is the opinion of our religion in studying and working in such a field? .. More

  • Wearing braces on teeth Date: 17-11-2002

    Is wearing braces treatment to straighten your teeth allowed in Islam?.. More

  • Small Sex Organ Date: 15-10-2002

    what does Islam say for a male who is in such situation:- 1. has a functional male organ , but small size , testes are also small like a child's. 2. intense desire to live like a female 3. have male-breasts of some sort 4. some people , on his back , call him Mukhannas (Eunuch) and make fun of him. some even before him discuss the topic.. More