Safety and Security ‎Guidelines

Safety and Security ‎Guidelines
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Pilgrims should follow some guidelines that would help them maintain their health and avoid some of the expected health hazards during the Hajj season.

Dear pilgrim, the following are the most important instructions that you should follow to preserve your safety and health:
1-   Perform the required rituals easily and moderately as Allah The Almighty never Charges a soul except with that which is within its capacity.
2-   Avoid annoying others during Tawaaf, Sa‘y between the Safa and Marwah and casting the pebbles.
3-   Maintain personal cleanliness, which is an important factor in disease prevention.
4-   Pilgrims should use an umbrella and avoid making Tawaaf or Sa‘y in case of very hot weather.
5-   Refrain from eating uncovered foods that are exposed to flies and dust and use packed or preserved foodstuffs after verifying their expiry date.
6-   It is preferred to consume fruits, vegetables and boiled foods that benefit the body and do not irritate the intestines.
7-   Use wristbands that display the name of the pilgrim, his nationality, address, health condition and the name of his convoy.
8-   Use tissues when sneezing and having common cold.
9-   Refrain from exerting much physical effort, such as going shopping and walking in the markets, during hot weather.
10-               Go to the nearest healthcare center immediately upon feeling any sickness.
11-               Avoid overcrowding and pushing so as not to hurt yourself and others.
12-               Avoid climbing stones and rocks.
13-               Avoid sleeping or sitting in the tunnels and streets because they are not there for this purpose.
14-               Keep your residence (house or tent) clean.
15-               Take enough rest before and after performing every ritual of Hajj to refresh your body and help you to perform the rest of the rituals.
16-               You should use an umbrella to avoid sun heat and heatstroke.
17-               Avoid sitting near people who suffer from infectious diseases, such as common cold, to preserve your health.
18-               Avoid slaughtering the Hadyy (sacrificial animals) outside the places dedicated for this purpose, such as streets or near tents, because this will expose you and your companions to diseases.
19-               A pilgrim is recommended to take a small medical bag with him containing the medication that he needs to treat emergent diseases.
20-               Carry a note containing the phone numbers of hospitals, emergency, civil defense, ambulance, police and so on, to ask for help when needed.
Finally, we ask Allah The Almighty to Protect the pilgrims and Help them perform their rituals easily. We also ask Him to Forgive their sins, Reward them and Accept their deeds and Hajj.

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