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  • Italy refugee crisis: Gangs running child prostitution rings

    by Laurence Lee My team and I first came to cover the G7 talks, in which US President Donald Trump successfully fended off an Italian proposal for all the countries at the table to treat the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Sea as a humanitarian emergency. But we then stayed on to have a look at the crisis now. As it turns out, things are going.. More

  • How Israel has failed Palestinian victims

    A recent plea deal for an Israeli police officer who killed a Palestinian teenager has highlighted a broader policy of leniency in Israel for offences committed against Palestinians, analysts say. "The police, the army, the investigative units, the public attorney and the judiciary are all in concert protecting each other ... They see Arabs, whether.. More

  • ‘Africa is not poor, we are stealing its wealth’

    Africa is poor, but we can try to help its people. It's a simple statement, repeated through a thousand images, newspaper stories and charity appeals each year, so that it takes on the weight of truth. When we read it, we reinforce assumptions and stories about Africa that we've heard throughout our lives. We reconfirm our image of Africa. Try something.. More

  • Zakir Naik: Why India wants to arrest the preacher?

    He has 16 million followers on Facebook, 150,000 on Twitter and has given more than 4,000 lectures on Islam across the world. But Zakir Abdul Karim Naik, the popular Islamic preacher, is now wanted by the Indian authorities. Problems arose for the preacher last summer, after Bangladeshi authorities said that one of the gunmen responsible for an attack.. More

  • How Israel is targeting Palestinian institutions

    When Israeli police showed up at the maps and survey department of the Arab Studies Society's office in Jerusalem last month, director Khalil Tufakji was surprised to receive a six-month shutdown order. Police proceeded to confiscate computers and the main server, along with posters and maps that had hung on the walls. Tufakji, along with the equipment,.. More

  • UNICEF: Number of unaccompanied refugee children soars

    The number of unaccompanied child refugees globally has increased five-fold since 2010, according to new figures by UNICEF. In a report released late on Wednesday, the United Nations Children's Fund counted 300,000 unaccompanied and separated children worldwide in 2015 and 2016 - up from 66,000 in 2010 and 2011. Of the 300,000, some 100,000 were.. More

  • Palestinian hunger strikers: 'They had no choice'

    On a sweltering spring afternoon, relatives and supporters of the Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners gathered at a marquee in downtown Ramallah. The tent, one of dozens erected in solidarity with the prisoners across towns and villages in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, stretched across one end of Clock Square, its blue tarpaulin walls.. More

  • Israel accused of 'killing children with impunity'

    At the Hjeiji family home in the occupied West Bank village of Qarawat Bani Zeid, classmates, friends and relatives of Fatima Hjeiji lined up to pay their respects. One by one, the women and girls hugged Fatima's mother Dareen and offered sympathetic words. "She was such a lovely girl. Everybody at school loved her," said Nadin Imad, 17,.. More

  • UN: 2m children displaced by South Sudan conflict

    The civil war in South Sudan has forced more than two million children to flee their homes, according to two UN agencies. Children make up 62 percent of the more than 1.8 million South Sudanese refugees who have arrived mainly in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan, say the UN children's fund, UNICEF, and the refugee agency, UNHCR. More than a million.. More

  • Syrian regime forces used nerve gas in four attacks: HRW

    Syrian regime forces have used deadly nerve gas in four chemical weapons attacks since December, including one in Khan Sheikhoun that killed nearly 100 people in April, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). Citing new evidence, the US-based rights group said the attacks are "part of a clear pattern" that could amount to crimes against humanity. B.. More

  • Militia attacks displace 1M people in DR Congo: UN

    Militia attacks in Democratic Republic of Congo have left hundreds of thousands in desperate need of humanitarian aid, according to local officials and the United Nations. Some 731,000 people in the country’s Kasai region, mostly women and children, have been displaced by militiamen who attack police and civilians alike, said Lt. Lawrence Ndosi,.. More

  • UN: Mediterranean refugee deaths in 2017 top 1,000

    Some 23 refugees are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea last weekend, bringing the Mediterranean death toll this year to 1,089, the UN said Tuesday. "43,204 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017 through 23 April, over 80 percent arriving in Italy and the rest in Spain and Greece," the UN migration agency, the Internationa.. More

  • Turkey plans to repair dozens of mosques in Syria

    Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation plans to repair dozens of mosques in Syria that were heavily damaged in the ongoing war, according to the head of foundation on Sunday. Mustafa Tutkun told Anadolu Agency the state-run foundation was planning to construct and repair 66 mosques in cooperation with the Prime Ministry. Tutkun said the projects would.. More

  • How Israel denies rights to Palestinian prisoners

    In a photograph widely shared on social media this month, Kifah Quzmar, a final-year business student at Birzeit University near Ramallah, wears a red-and-white keffiyeh and a somewhat defiant look. The difference between the 28-year-old and tens of other Palestinian students and youth arrested in recent weeks is perhaps that his story made it out.. More

  • Syria gas attack: 'We found bodies all over the floor'

    Survivors of a suspected chemical attack in Syria's Idlib province and aid workers on the scene say they are still in shock and struggling to recover from the distressing event of the attack. "It's just indescribable," Othman al-Khani, local activist and witness said. "We saw people suffocating while their lungs were collapsing. The.. More