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  • The Terrors of the Day of Resurrection - I

    Evidence of the enormity of the terrors of that day The Day of Resurrection will be a Day of tremendous significance and immense horror, the like of which mankind will never have seen. Allah Almighty clarified the enormity of its terrors in many verses. 1) Allah, the Most Exalted, described that Day as being great. His description of it as such is.. More

  • The Reckoning and Requital - II

    In part one of this article, the definition of Reckoning and an introductory explanation of its scene were discussed. In this part, an important question is to be answered as regards whether or not the disbelievers will be questioned on the Day of Judgment. Will the disbelievers be questioned and why? The Muslim scholars, may Allah have mercy upon.. More

  • The Reckoning and Requital - I

    Definition What is meant by the Reckoning and Requital is that Allah, The Most Exalted, will make His slaves (all people) stand before Him on the Day of Judgment, and He will remind them of the deeds that they did, the words that they said, the faith or disbelief that they followed in this world, whether they followed the Straight Path (Islam) or deviated.. More

  • A Muslim perspective on Christmas -II

    Of course, there is also the problem of the children. They are bombarded with numerous advertisements for toys and are essentially brainwashed so that they should expect something "under the tree" on Christmas Day. One must admit that the brightly lit, multicolored Christmas tree is an attractive sight, made even more tempting when there are.. More

  • A Muslim perspective on Christmas -I

    To a Muslim living in the West, the Christmas Holiday period is one of the most stressful times because of the differences in our attitudes towards holidays and celebrations of the status quo. Even in Islamic countries, there can be misunderstandings on these issues with our Christian colleagues. The following essay is my personal attempt at bridging.. More

  • The Delights of the people of Paradise- III

    The food and drink of the people of Paradise does not produce any impure excrement: It might come to one’s mind that the food and drink of Paradise might produce the same as the food and drink of this world, namely excrement, urine, mucus, saliva, and so on. But this is not the case. Paradise is a place that is free from all impurities, and.. More

  • The Delights of the people of Paradise - II

    The pleasures of this world are transient whilst the joys of the Hereafter are lasting and eternal: This is why Almighty Allah calls the pleasures of this world “temporary conveniences” because they are enjoyed for a short while, then they come to an end, but the joys of the Hereafter have no end; there are many verses in this regard,.. More

  • The Delights of the people of Paradise - I

    The Superiority of the Delights of Paradise over the Pleasures of this World The pleasures of this world are tangible and present, “here and now,” whilst the delights of Paradise are as yet unseen promises. People are readily influenced by what they can see and know instantly. It is hard enough for them to forgo something that is in front.. More

  • The Ruling on Lying and its Evil Consequences

    The prohibition of lying: Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {“They only invent falsehood who do not believe in the verses of Allah, and it is those who are the liars.”} [Quran 16:105] Commenting on this verse, Ibn Katheer, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said,“Allah The Almighty informs us that His Messenger, sallallaahu 'alayhi.. More

  • Strength in Faith – a Virtue of the Believers - II

    Examples of Strength in Faith in the Lives of the Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention Anyone who reads the books of Sunnah and Seerah (biography), and reviews the stories of the Prophets and Messengers, will find that strength in practicing the religion, facing the disbelievers, as well as in calling others to Allah The Almighty was evident in.. More

  • Strength in Faith – a Virtue of the Believers – I

    Strength in religion, determination in practicing it and patience in enduring hardships for its sake constitute an aspect of true mettle. Such is the personality of Prophets, Messengers and those who follow them willingly and sincerely until the Day of Judgment. Some of their other qualities are their strict adherence to the religion of Allah The Almighty.. More

  • Hypocrisy is internal destruction

    Hypocrisy is a chronic disease and a dangerous moral deviation in the life of individuals, communities and nations. Its danger is great and the hypocrites are the cause of this great evil. This danger is clearly noticeable when the destructive consequences of hypocrisy afflict the entire Ummah (Muslim nation) and the charitable reform movements in.. More

  • Liars and lying

    Lying is the source of all evils. It is the negation of faith. It can never exist in a person who has true faith in Allah Almighty. It is universally condemned by all humans with a minimally sound nature. But because it is so universally condemned, we have prettier names for it: It is often mitigated and excused as "forgetting," "stretching.. More

  • The Indisputable Event - II

    Summarizing the Chapter The chapter of Al-Waaqi'ah opens with a booming clarion cry, a crashing epiphany, that ushers its witness's mind to the edge of creation's cataclysmic fate and onto the near shores of his or her own swift passage into undisputed reality, when this earth has been leveled into mere strewn dust. Quickly dispensing with a world.. More

  • The Indisputable Event - I

    When the indisputable Event [of the Last Hour] occurs, no one then shall belie its occurrence! These two lines are among the most unforgettable opening verses of any chapter in the Quran. They belong, of course, to the chapter of Al- Waaqi `ah. The Arabic word 'waaqi'ah' means `event,’ ‘happening,' or `occurrence’. The revelation.. More