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  • In Allah’s Hands alone - I

    The true nature of might and power In an ultimate way, the answer to these and other similar questions is simple: Allah Almighty has willed it. This is so because nothing can happen in this world except by the permission of its mighty Creator and wise Lord, Allah, The Most High. All of this happens because Allah Almighty, in His infinite wisdom,.. More

  • Strength in Faith – a Virtue of the Believers - II

    Examples of Strength in Faith in the Lives of the Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention Anyone who reads the books of Sunnah and Seerah (biography), and reviews the stories of the Prophets and Messengers, will find that strength in practicing the religion, facing the disbelievers, as well as in calling others to Allah The Almighty was evident in.. More

  • Strength in Faith – a Virtue of the Believers – I

    Strength in religion, determination in practicing it and patience in enduring hardships for its sake constitute an aspect of true mettle. Such is the personality of Prophets, Messengers and those who follow them willingly and sincerely until the Day of Judgment. Some of their other qualities are their strict adherence to the religion of Allah The Almighty.. More

  • Allah's Knowledge is infinite

    One of the Divine Attributes Allah, The Most Exalted, Has is Infinite Knowledge that encompasses everything in the heavens and earth and what is in between them; in the worldly life and the Hereafter. Therefore, among His Divine Names is the All-Knowing. Allah the Almighty Says in the Quarn (what means): "Verily, He, only He, is the All-Hearer,.. More

  • The Nullifiers of Islamic Monotheism -I

    In the Arabic language, Tawheed literally means "unification" (making something one) or "asserting oneness", and it comes from the Arabic verb (Wahhada) which itself means to unite, unify or consolidate. However, when the term Tawheed is used in reference to Allah, it means the realizing and maintaining of Allah's Unity in all of.. More

  • The Nullifiers of Islamic Monotheism -II

    3- Not agreeing that the atheists are disbelievers or doubting their disbelief or believing that their religion is correct. This nullifier consists, in turn, of three parts: Firstly, whosoever does not agree that the atheists are disbelievers, while Allah announces in the Quran in many verses that they are indeed infidels. Allah Says in the Quran.. More