Will the Palestinian Islamic Movements Become Extinct?- I

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The September 11 attacks on New York and Washington were virtually considered an apocalyptic event by the United States and subsequently exploited to wage a war against an unknown enemy, for reasons well known to everyone. This is why the US mobilized the majority of countries in the world to fight so-called “terrorism” under its command.

The anti-terrorism campaign entered the global system without any clear definition of the concept of “terrorism” or precise limits in such a way that made any enemy of the USA and the Zionist entity a target of the “war on terrorism”. Hence, in the light of the fact that the Palestinian Islamic movement, represented by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, is the major enemy of the Zionist entity, then the Palestinian Islamic movement in general and these two organizations in particular are in danger.
Unknown future:
There is no doubt that the successive political developments cast a shadow over the Palestinian cause and the future of Palestinian political and military activities.
Dr. Zahhaar confirms that these developments will have a serious impact on the Palestinian cause. The Oslo Accords followed the Gulf War, and this will certainly be more harmful to the Palestinian cause, given the fact that everyone speaks about permanent solutions. Nevertheless, this is not the end of the world, and the regional political developments can change the western policy at any moment. The changes that occurred in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks will be generally negative even if they tried to adorn them with the promises of a “Palestinian State”. In addition, these changes will be catastrophic to the Palestinian cause as a whole when it comes to the complete Palestinian lands and rights of the Palestinian people.
Nevertheless, these changes are necessary for ending the policy of cooperation between the West as a sponsor of the peace process, and the Islamic policy, which is based on justice, not interests and the various balances of power.
Al-Hindi said that the Aqsa Intifaadhah (resistance) confirmed strategic issues and we should not lose these gains. The most important issue is that the keys of any strategic development in this region are in the hands of the Palestinian people. It has become very clear that there is no peace or security in this region without fulfilling the Palestinian people’s aspirations for freedom and independence on the Palestinian homeland, and that the occupation force, regardless of its strength, cannot win the battle, as long as our people are determined to resist and struggle.
All the political agreements since Madrid and Oslo have aimed at only one thing: breaking the will and determination of the Palestinian people without offering anything in return. Intifaadhah is the only way through which the Palestinian people can make achievements, restore its unity and dignity, and win the world’s sympathy.
Hence, the Palestinian Islamic movement must adhere to the policy of resistance and struggle as the sole option to restore our rights in Palestine irrespective of the results of international developments. This movement should not fall into the illusion of destroying the US-Zionist alliance.
Saalih said,
The Palestinians have been victims of racial Zionist terrorism for more than 50 years. They were displaced and their land was occupied and colonized by outcast criminals. Hence, the Palestinian national and Islamic movements decided unanimously to use all the available means to resist the occupiers, and I expect that the Zionist and terrorist enemy would try to convince the USA to list the Palestinian Islamic movements as foreign terrorist organizations to pave the way before targeting them at all levels.
However, all the Palestinian Islamic and national movements realize that their only enemy is the Israeli occupier, that their battlefield is inside Palestine, and that we are not the enemies of any other people.
On his part, Sayyid Barakah, an independent Palestinian Islamist, believes that the future of the Palestinian movement in Palestine is in the hands of its components on one side, and the Palestinian Authority on the other side. They should endeavor to break away from the hellish classification that the USA wants to impose upon us, because whoever supports the USA surely supports Israel as  they have common interests.
The Palestinian Labor Minister Dr. Ghassaan al-Khateeb is of the view that the future of the Palestinian resistance activities is promising, as the world is heading gradually towards adherence to international legitimacy and supporting the Palestinian stance and struggle, which have developed over the past decades to be compatible with international law. Hence, he added, “I believe that the Palestinian struggle has a bright future because the world will not tolerate occupation, especially given that it faces fierce resistance by the people under occupation. Consequently, sooner or later we will have more abilities to establish international justice and the objectives of the Palestinian national struggle.”
This is why Dr. Zahhaar believes that the Islamic movements, particularly Hamas, should intensify their activities at all cultural, educational, and social levels along with searching for economic, military and security alternatives to face the occupation, because this is the only option that will succeed in this region and can influence people. This option is also capable of uniting the Arab and Islamic nation on the popular level and even at the official level on a small scale.
Dr. Al-Hindi said,
The Islamic Jihad and Hamas have declared a ceasefire, but it is absurd to sacrifice our Intifaadhah for a lost wager on receiving the price from the USA and Israel and we should remember the old wager that we paid for twice, in return for nothing. Even if this is the time for bargains, why should we sacrifice the most important card we have, especially given that the Zionist enemy adopts the option of escalation. We, in the Islamic Jihad, confirm that the policy of resistance is the ultimate option of the Palestinian Islamic movement as long as we have not completely achieved our objectives. This international storm will end without significant changes to the existing political situation and substantial issues of the conflict represented in the status of Jerusalem, refugees and colonies. After this storm, the old US policy will resurface and it will stop interfering in any unsuccessful deal. Israeli policy is based on terrorism and it will escalate it driving the Palestinian people to return to resistance and Intifaadhah.
Saalih believes that there is a necessity to protect the unity of the Palestinian people through cooperation with other Palestinian resistant groups to achieve the national objectives by maintaining the continuity of the blessed Aqsa Intifaadhah along with the necessity of giving precedence to unanimously recognized national interests. We must also work towards guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary and respect for the law through the support of all Palestinian movements that must be an integral part of the national institutions. We should also study the Arab and international reality to deal with it diplomatically in such a way that protects the achievements of the movement and achieves the Palestinian national objectives.
According to Barakah,
If we preserve the essence of our mission, ‎perform it ethically and avoid being fooled into acting as ‎‎‘terrorists’, then I am sure that the historic norms will end the ‎system led by the USA and Israel for the benefit of ‎human rights, because the conflict in Palestine is basically a ‎confrontation between a racist and a human vision. The more ‎we adopt and present human values, the more we will ‎expose the racist ideologies and make further steps towards ‎victory in Palestine. This will eventually have a positive ‎influence on the Arab and Islamic world. ‎
Al-Khateeb is of the view that the Islamic movements, particularly in Palestine, face real difficulties not for being Islamic, but because of their unrealistic political programs that do not correspond with international law or even the official Palestinian political program that is adopted by the Palestinian people represented in the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The struggle of Islamic movements is based on the necessity of ending the existence of Israel, which has become part of international law and the UN system, regardless of our opinions regarding it and its origins. Hence, the political programs of these movements represent their main problem and it is responsible for the countless difficulties they face locally and internationally.

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