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  • Is broiler chicken Halal? Date: 30-3-2023

    Is broiler chicken Halal? Given the way they are raised. By giving antibiotics, kept in a unclean environment and very small cages, and health of the bird where it becomes so fat it can't move. And Allah knows the best. .. More

  • Finding difficulties in attending Friday prayer in the Mosque Date: 30-3-2023

    As Salam alaikum sheikh, I'm facing difficulties. My school (University) mostly consist of non-muslims both in faculty and my fellow students. I read an answer to a similar question to which you stated "Anybody who lives in a place where there is no mosque in which Friday prayer is performed and the closest mosque to him is more than half an hour by.. More

  • The ruling on clicking 'accept' or something similar to the terms Date: 30-3-2023

    Assalamualaikum, I’m wondering what is the ruling on clicking “accept” or something similar to the terms .. More

  • How to make up for missed fasts and prayers due to menstruation Date: 30-3-2023

    A 12 year old girl that has had her period for a few months, and the first ramadan on her period. At the beginning of ramadan she has her period and after it peforms ghusl, then notices more and peforms ghusl again. She fasts and notices more in the toilet, but forgets about it and fasts and prays. She only remembers it 2 weeks later and peforms ghusl.. More

  • No guarantee of loss without negligence Date: 30-3-2023

    السلام عليكم I asked a previous question, apparently it was too long because I was asked to shorten it. Should all partners in a business share the loss if the partner managing the store made a mistake? Or should the partner who made the mistake solely pay for the loss? .. More

  • Ruling on cauterization Date: 30-3-2023

    AssalamualaikumThere is a Hadith where Prophet(PBUH) said that 70000 of my followers will enter paradise without reckoning, they are those who 1) avoid asking Ruqyah 2)do not believe in bad omen 3)avoid seeking cauterization. I have a confusion regarding this, I want to remove skin tags on my eyelid by cauterization. It is not causing any harm to me.. More

  • Applying Creams That Contain Alcohol As a Medicine Date: 30-3-2023

    Assalamualaikum I have a skin problem(on limbs, face) due to which i have to apply creams (which contain alcohol) as a medicine. Is it ok to apply the creams and pray? And also after using the creams do i have to change the clothes to pray or can i pray in the same clothes?JazakALLAH khair .. More

  • Zakat Must Be Paid on Tradeable Items Date: 30-3-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum.I have a cloth shop, which capital is above nisab. The profit and the family expense are equal to zero at the end of the year. My question is what will be my Zakat? .. More

  • Her husband treats her badly Date: 30-3-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum.My husband uses very bad insults whenever he gets mad. Of all times he's insulted me badly, I actually didn't do anything on purpose to make him angry. He's constantly complaining, criticizing me .. More

  • Not Necessary to Change a Name to a Muslim Name Date: 30-3-2023

    I am changing my name birgis qudar to Anas Saleem because this name is not in Islam so give me fatwah .. More

  • Narrating a Divorce that Took Place in the Past Does Not Lead to a New Divorce Date: 30-3-2023

    Salam,My husband in a telephone conversation today referred to a past incident in which he has said “you are divorced”. So basically in the telephone conversation he said “I have in the past told you that you are divorced”. I’m This statement he was referring to the past incident but does the fact that he said “you are divorced” constitute.. More

  • Divorced His Wife Repeatedly and Wants to Take Her Back Date: 30-3-2023

    I got married After sometime my wife left me,to warn her I divorced her,later after sometime we have rajoo/intercourse,but still my wife didn't returned my home, he was living at her parent house,i send her 2nd divorce,and we again met and have intercourse and she got pregnant,but still she was at her parent house ,once i was angry i gave her divorce,.. More

  • Hadith '...If He Goes Back to It a Fourth Time, Allah Will Not Accept Any Prayer from Him.' Date: 30-3-2023

    I need help understanding the hadith that says "...Then if he goes back to it a fourth time, Allah will not accept any prayer from him for forty days, but if he repents, Allah will not accept his repentance and He will cause him to drink from the river of al-Khabaal.” It is known that Allah forgives all sins, so why does it say in this hadith that.. More

  • Newly Married Committed Kufr: Is His Marriage Still Valid Date: 30-3-2023

    I am newly married boy two days ago with a girl only at an Imam of masjid, not intercoursed and touched my wife yet she is still at her father house waiting to transport to our house as our custom norms. if have done kufr took me of out fold of Islam made me kafr, and after 5 or 10 minutes repented and felt remorseful and took shahada again, does this.. More

  • She is confused about purity following menses Date: 30-3-2023

    When I’m on my menses I see my purity towards the seventh day I know this by seeing no coloured discharges when at the beginning of on prayer for example asr I see no coloured discharges then an hour goes by and I see coloured discharges (I see red discharge or blood in my discharge or brown) and then it stops and then it starts at one point. around.. More