Our Highly Economical Home - II

Our Highly Economical Home - II
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Methods to Economize on Electrical Appliances:  

Allah The Exalted has bestowed knowledge upon humans and as a result of this knowledge there are modern inventions that have made chores easier, resulting in greatly reducing human exertion, thereby freeing up time for other things.
Therefore, electrical appliances should be maintained and well taken care of by reading the user instructions. Some of the general instructions for taking care of appliances include:
ـ       Reading the appliance instruction manual.
ـ       Keeping the appliance clean.
ـ       Using the appliances correctly and without overuse.
The user instructions for some of appliances are as follows:
For the refrigerator: to maintain the refrigerator, the following instructions should be implemented:
ـ       The refrigerator should be placed away from sources of heat, and there should be some space left between it and the wall.
ـ       For the older, frost-forming refrigerator types, ice that forms in the freezer should be melted continuously without using a sharp knife so as not to pierce a hole in the fridge's pipes resulting in a refrigerant gas leak, thus requiring the cooling system to be changed.
ـ       Avoiding opening the fridge door frequently or leaving it open for a long time for whoever is using it. Therefore, it may be better to have a separate large water container placed outside it.
ـ       Not to overfill the fridge with more than its capacity.
ـ       During vacations, the fridge should be emptied, unplugged, and the door left open.
ـ       Ensure that the inner rubber tubing around the fridge door closes properly, this can be examined by placing a sheet of thin paper between the door and the fridge every once in a while to check. If the door opens easily, this means that the tubing needs to be replaced.
ـ       Adjusting the cooling level knob as required.
ـ       If the refrigerator remains empty for one reason or another it should be switched off.
ـ       To absorb refrigerator odors, place a box of natural coal [or baking soda] in the fridge.
The Washing Machine is an appliance that has saved much effort in washing clothes; therefore, it should be well taken care of by using it efficiently and considering the following:
ـ       Checking to make sure that its electrical plugs are safe to use. When running the appliance on a wet surface, one should stand on something rubber or wooden that does not conduct electricity to avoid any electric shock.
ـ       For older washing machines that are not automatic, it is necessary to empty the water from the washing machine, and the hose and basin rinsed from any traces of soap, and the washing machine should be returned to its original place.
ـ       In the older type washing machines, it is not suitable to soak clothes for a long period of time to avoid salt and soap deposits causing inner wall corrosion; soak them instead in a separate washbowl.
ـ       Use fresh warm water when washing.
The Dishwasher: It is important to note the following when caring for a dishwasher:
ـ       Use pure and warm water.
ـ       Remove any traces of burnt food from pots before placing them in the machine.
ـ       Place cups and plates in the machine in such a way as to leave spaces between them and enable water to penetrate between the surfaces.
ـ       Use the correct quantity of dishwashing detergent, taking care to use sufficient detergent to clean the dishes without using excess as too many suds may negatively affect the machine.
The Cooker and Water Heater: To maintain them, the following is important:
ـ       Avoid the risks of dangerous accidents; any possibility of a gas leak should be totally precluded. Therefore, care should be taken when using the cooker, insuring that the gas piping is in proper condition and properly connected.
ـ       Should the flame suddenly turn off, turn the gas knob off immediately, and do not ignite any other flame at that time, and ensure sufficient ventilation for the room.
ـ       Clean the cooker inside and out, so that gas pores are not clogged with food, as well as for reasons of hygiene and maintaining a fresh room fragrance
The Meat Grinder: Take care of the following:
ـ       For manual grinders, the different parts should be individually washed well with soap and water and dried. For automatic grinders, after disconnecting the appliance, only wash the food compartment. The remainder should be carefully wiped; taking care that the water does not come near the motor. To clean, first wipe with a cloth moistened with soap and warm water, then wipe again with water only.
ـ       The grinder blade should be sharpened when it loses its sharpness. Care should be taken not to leave the machine running for too long for should the motor heat-up, this may cause it to burn.
ـ       Take care not to grind pieces of bone and the like that may be present in the meat. To push meat through, use the accompanying utensil and do not use a wooden spoon so that it does not get stuck and ruin the machine.
ـ       Use the grinder only for the purpose for which it was made.
The Dough Maker: take care to follow these guidelines:
ـ       Add constituents in quantities that are within the appliance's capacity to process.
ـ       Keep water away from the motor. It is sufficient to simply to wipe it clean with a moist cloth; to minimize yeast growth, it should be washed with soap.
ـ       Do not leave the machine running for too long, so as not to ruin the motor.
ـ       When using the dough maker, make sure that it is balanced and not tilted in one direction while it is running.
The Blender: A blender is very useful when juicing fruits and tomatoes. Caring for the appliance requires the following:
ـ       Blades should be taken care of and carefully washed and dried.
ـ       Wash only the food compartment and blades, the appliance body is to be wiped using a moist cloth to avoid any water from coming near the appliance motor and damaging it.
ـ       Do not run the machine for too long so that the motor does not heat-up and burn.
Fans: Fans are often used in the summer, especially when the weather is very hot. To maintain and care for fans the following should be taken into consideration:
ـ       Clean the outside surface with a soft damp cloth.
ـ       The inner fan wings can be wiped when needed by carefully opening the fan case.
ـ       The fan motor should never come into contact with water, for it would be damaged.
ـ       The fan should be oiled once a year by a specialist technician.
The Air Conditioner: to care for the air conditioner:
ـ       Do not cover the fans with anything that may impede air flow.
ـ       Be sure thick solid wires are used, as well as high capacity electrical connectors that can bear the force of the electrical air suction of the appliance.
ـ       Use a vacuum cleaner to clean any dust caught on its outer surface.
ـ       Filters may require changing after some time according to the instructions that accompany the appliance.
ـ       Should any peculiar sound be emitted from the air conditioner, immediately switch off the electrical current, and call a specialized technician to check it.
The Vacuum Cleaner: To maintain this appliance and use it for the longest possible time:
ـ       Empty its dust bag whenever it becomes half full. For the bag type, disposable bags are more convenient and less clogging to the machine.
ـ       Clean the filter often - using a soft brush and wipe the inner surface of the vacuum cleaner.
ـ       Replace the hose when necessary.
ـ       Lubricate the appliance at regular intervals.
The Iron: caring for an iron requires the following:
ـ       Clean with a cloth dampened with soap and water, do not use any abrasive cleaners so as not to affect the smoothness of the iron's surface.
ـ       Store the iron by wrapping its wire around it, and only after it has completely cooled down.
ـ       Do not fill or empty the iron with water except after disconnecting it from the electric current.
ـ       It is best to use clean distilled water when filling a steam iron so as to avoid salt precipitation that can result in impairing the appliance or reducing its water vapor production speed.
ـ       When ironing, place the iron in a safe position to ensure it does not drop.
ـ       Lubricate an old iron with Vaseline or wax to prevent the formation of rust when it is to be left without use for a long period of time. Fine sandpaper can be used to remove rust.
The Sewing Machine: An important machine that is recommended for every home. To maintain and care for it:
ـ       Keep the machine covered in its casing when not in use. Oil the machine regularly with oil that is specific for sewing machines.
ـ       Remove any excess oil or built-up dust particles, so that material will not become soiled while sewing.
ـ       Use a suitable type of thread, and sew clothing in the direction of its grain to make sewing easier.
ـ       Make sure the sewing machine foot peddle remains in a balanced position when applying pressure on it (if it is the [older] type without a motor); keeping the feet in a level position on the peddle; the right foot should be on the lower right corner of the peddle, and the left foot on the top left corner. When the machine is running with an electrical motor, use one peddle and discard the other.

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