141 fatwas

  • She made the intention to fast the Day of ‘Arafah, but she came to menstruate during the day Date: 8-5-2016

    I pray that Allah, the Exalted, helps me observe the fasting of the ten days of Thul-Hijjah. However, I may not be able to fast the Day of ‘Arafah (the ninth day of Thul-Hijjah) because I will have started my menstrual period by that time. I know that the fasting of the Day of ‘Arafah washes away the sins of the preceding and the following year... More

  • What should a woman do if she knows that her menstruation has ended after Fajr Date: 8-5-2016

    There is a woman who would regularly have her menses for eight days but whose menstruation only lasted six days in Ramadan. On the seventh day, she thought that she was still going through her menses and therefore broke her fast. She is now certain that her period had ended by the seventh day. She is wondering what to do? Is she only required to make.. More

  • Solution bags and fasting Date: 8-5-2016

    Does hanging solution bags for the patient after an appendectomy during the daytime in Ramadan invalidate fasting, whether these solutions contain medicine or nourishing substances? .. More

  • Experiencing sexual arousal while making istinjaa’ Date: 8-5-2016

    One time, as I was wiping my penis off after I had urinated, I felt sexually aroused. I immediately stopped wiping. I thought that I was sexually aroused because of it. However, no semen came out. I had a doubt concerning my ritual purity. Therefore, I performed Ghusl (ritual bath). Please note that I only meant to wipe my penis to make sure that I.. More

  • Having sexual intercourse during the daytime in Ramadan when one is overcome with sexual desire Date: 5-5-2016

    I have heard a religious scholar say that if a person is extremely overcome with sexual desire during the daytime in Ramadan, he is entitled to force his wife to break her fast so as to have sexual intercourse with him. Is this correct? .. More

  • Masturbating while fasting – flatal incontinence and ablution for prayer Date: 15-10-2015

    My question is about masturbation I just came to know a few days back that this is haram, especially while fasting. I am confused because I know that I used to have that problem, like a childhood problem, without knowing that it was some thing associated with sexual desires because I was brought up in an extremely conservative family. I have a strong.. More

  • Fasting in case of interrupted discharge of blood Date: 26-8-2015

    My menstrual period lasts for about four days. So before the dawn of the fourth day I made my intention to fast because I know that my menstruation is weak, especially in Ramadan. I indeed observed fasting that day, before making Ghusl (shower taken when in a state of major ritual impurity), and there was no blood discharge throughout the day. Is my.. More

  • Fasting during menstruation out of ignorance Date: 26-8-2015

    A woman observed fasting during menstruation, out of ignorance, for more than a year and then she came to know the correct ruling. What is the sharia ruling regarding the past years, when she was observing fast during menstruation and did not make up for it? Please advise. Thank you. .. More

  • Fasting when there is bleeding because of uterine cysts Date: 26-8-2015

    My sister suffers from cysts in the uterus. She observed fasting for two days in Ramadan although there was a daily discharge of menstrual blood whenever the time of the azan (call for prayer) was due. What should she do? Should she make up for three days of fasting? .. More

  • Chemotherapy injection does not nullify the fast Date: 4-6-2015

    I use chemotherapy injections given through a needle put into a vein for almost an hour over four days every month. Does such an injection invalidate the fast? .. More

  • Ruling on taking pills under the tongue while fasting Date: 31-5-2015

    A heart patient must take a pill under his tongue whenever he encounters a heart attack. Does placing such pills under the tongue break one's fast? .. More

  • Ruling on undergoing a semen analysis test while fasting? Date: 31-5-2015

    I would like to have a semen analysis test done to me during the daytime in Ramadan. Does this process invalidate the fast or not? Please note that this test is very important and that I will not be able to do it during the night time since the occupation forces are imposing a curfew on my town at night. .. More

  • The fast of someone who commits apostasy during the daytime and reverts to Islam on the same day Date: 31-5-2015

    If a fasting person commits apostasy but reverts to Islam during the same day, is his fast valid? .. More

  • Insulin injection does not break one's fast Date: 28-5-2015

    My mother-in-law has been suffering from diabetes for many years. In spite of this, she used to fast. This year, however, her sickness became even worse. The doctor ordered her to take an insulin injection three times a day. She is 74 years old. Does this injection break the fast? Is it obligatory for her to fast? .. More

  • Blood discharge outside menstruation or pregnancy has no effect on fasting Date: 27-5-2015

    I suffer from inflammation of the urinary tract, and there are colored discharges that include blood at times other than that of the menstrual period. I have consulted my female doctor, she told me that it is just an inflammation and not a period. Are my fasting and prayer valid? .. More