55 fatwas

  • Choosing the Easiest Option when the Fatwa Differs Date: 20-7-2022

    If a muslim who doesn't have much knowledge of Quran and Sunnah gets different answers from two different students of knowledge and he needs to choose one urgently, what should he do? Can he choose the easiest option? .. More

  • One Must Follow the Sunnah Even If It Contradicts His School of Fiqh Date: 8-6-2020

    Assalam o elaikum, I was following the hanafi fiqh until now. But i never like the idea of following a single person from minor issue to major issues (in my case Imam abu hanifa r.a) because i believe every person can make an error no matter how great of an imam he is. I recently started liking your approach more because as a mufti you compare different.. More

  • Joining Islamic Groups Date: 13-3-2019

    Is it allowed to be a member of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind ? If it is not allowed the is it allowed to participate in their gatherings, events, programs, dawah activities conducted by them? .. More

  • When is a Lay-Muslim Permitted to Follow Concessions? Date: 1-1-2019

    Salam,I have a question regarding hurmat musaaharah. I am severely affected from OCD so i got lot of waswasas about this issue. My question is that i am following Hanafi Madhab can i follow your Fatwas regarding hurmat e musaahrah (e.g 318664) or notjQuery111009441319627245637_1543994284918I have fear that if i follow your fatwa do it come under tafliq.. More

  • A Layman May Adhere to the Easiest View of the Scholars Date: 30-9-2018

    salam. pls dont refer to other answers and clear my confusion. i want to have peace of mind. i am originally a hanafi. but since we have access to authentic scholars these days via internet, i submit all my queries to either islamqa or islamweb. i trust both sites, the former for its cautiousness and the latter for adopting flexibility without being.. More

  • Islamic associations based on correct ideology are not a 'forbidden innovation' Date: 5-1-2015

    As-Salaam 'alaikum. In Nigeria, we have various muslim' societies,both in the universities and outside world. These societies have done great job in Islaam,which countless numbers of the muslims,even the non-muslims can testify to. But recently,some unknown people came to tell us that such societies,though they base their enlightenment on Al-Kitaab.. More

  • A Da’wah group obliges people to attend its circle in the Masjid Date: 30-4-2014

    Salaam alaikum shaikh, in our masjid everyday after Salah few persons (mostly related with Tablighi Jamaat) sit and read Muntakhab Ahadees or Fazail-e-Amaal (this latter book was criticized by Scholars in Saudi Arabia for having unusual stories based on Islam). Now sometimes if we discuss other Islamic matters in masjid (for Dawah etc.), they stop us.. More

  • The 'Da'wah on foot' practiced by Tableegh group Date: 26-3-2014

    I am from Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan there is a very famous group named Tablighi Jamaa’ah. They gather a group of people and stay in some of the masjids for three or forty days and performing da'wah. Sometimes they would spend forty days where they would go everywhere on foot and not use any vehicles. I have also seen this group in.. More

  • The Salafi school and responding to Muslims’ affairs Date: 7-3-2012

    Is the Salafi school considered a valid Islamic school of thought? Why do those who call themselves Salafis not care about Muslims' affairs, like the case of Palestine? .. More

  • Praiseworthy and blameworthy differences of opinion Date: 7-2-2012

    Is it permissible to have different views in Islam? .. More

  • Reasons behind differences in Islamic ideologies Date: 23-8-2011

    What are the reasons that have led to the emergence of multiple Islamic ideological schools? What is the effect of this on the Muslim individual and community? What are the reasons behind the occurrence of multiple Quranic commentaries? What is the effect of this on the Muslim individual and community? .. More

  • Hizb At-Tahreer (The Islamic Liberation Party): Its founder and beliefs Date: 28-7-2011

    What is the Tahreer (party)? What are its beliefs?.. More

  • The Ansaar As-Sunnah Al-Muhammadiyyah and the Usooliyyoon Date: 27-1-2011

    Will you please provide some information on these groups and the extent of their adherence to beliefs of Ahl As-Sunnah Wal-Jamaa‘ah (the mainstream people of the Sunnah): The Ansaar As-Sunnah Al-Muhammadiyyah, and the Usooliyyoon? .. More

  • Criteria to judge contemporary sects and movements Date: 26-1-2011

    Is there a Hadeeth in which the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, mentioned that this Ummah (Muslim Nation) will be divided into seventy-three sects, and that all of them will enter Hell except one? Who is that sect? Is the Muslim Brotherhood one of them?.. More

  • The division of the Ummah (Muslim nation) and judging deviant sects Date: 12-10-2010

    What are the deviant sects mentioned by the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam? Is the Tableeghi Jamaa‘ah one of them, knowing that they set out for Da‘wah (propagation) in the Masjids (mosques) for three days, forty days or four months? .. More