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  • The book 'Hayaatus - Sahaabah' by Al-Kandahlawi Date: 26-12-2006

    I am searching for books on the Sahabah, what do you think about “Hayatus Sahabah: The Lives of the Companions: Vol. 1-3” by Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi? Is it a good authentic book and is it all about Da'wah? Can you please give a list of good books on the Companions? .. More

  • Facts in Islamic history Date: 18-7-2000

    Where can I find facts in Islamic history in English such as what happened during the war of Uhud and Badr? How was the situation on the battlefield? What was the state of the Sahabah? I also want to know details on how Islam spread from Madina to other parts of the world, which Sahabah migrated toward which geographic area, etc... More