45 fatwas

  • Paying the Zakaah Portion by Portion Throughout the Year Date: 30-5-2021

    Whether zakat has to disburse at once or may be given in parts like over some months or throughout the current year... More

  • Zakaah should be paid in kind Date: 13-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have three questions: 1. Can you pay zakah in the form of goods, like food and cloths etc.? And if not, then see my following question, please. 2. Then, in the article of zakah, it is said that every Prophet as well as their peoplegave zakah,but if that was in the form of money, then how could Noah's nation and Noah pay zakah.. More

  • Not taking rent from poor is not zakah Date: 8-11-2016

    I own a flat that I have given to my parents-in-law to live in without paying rent, as they are unable to do so. The stipulated rent of the flat is Rs. 10,000 per month. Can I consider this Rs 10,000 as zakah paid to my parents-in-law? .. More

  • Calculating zakah when one is creditor and debtor Date: 17-5-2016

    Zakah question! I have savings amounting to around 200,000 riyal plus some gold that is above the nisab (minimum amount for a muslim net worth to be obligated to give zakat after having owned that value for a lunar year) level. 1) I have also given a loan to my brother to help him out for 100,000 riyal. He will pay me monthly in installments from.. More

  • Ruling on giving loans from Zakah Date: 16-8-2015

    When I intended to pay the Zakaah that is due on my property, a man I know asked me to loan him a sum of money to be able to buy a house for himself, provided that he would repay this sum in installments within no more than a year. I have great confidence in this man. Is it permissible to loan him out of my Zakaah with the intention of giving it to.. More

  • Would the Zakah-giver become free from obligation if the one entrusted to convey it betrays the trust? Date: 16-8-2015

    I have a poor brother to whom I liked to give the Zakaah of my property. Out of keenness on his benefit, I sent the money to my eldest brother to buy a car for him (for my poor brother) to work with rather than spend the money in useless things. But my eldest brother took the money for himself and did not give it to my poor brother, even though he knew.. More

  • Guarantor may not pay the debt of one he guaranteed from his Zakah Date: 16-8-2015

    I acted as a guarantor for a man to buy a car, and ten years later I was informed that he had not paid what was due on him. Now he is insolvent and cannot pay his obligations. Could I pay on his behalf from the Zakaah of my property? .. More

  • Not permissible to delay Zakah payment for sister's future marriage Date: 12-2-2015

    Assalamualaikum, We a have case in our family for which Fatwa is required. A father had left behind 2 waives. Children of 1st wife are grown up and earning. Children of 2nd wife (2 son &1 daughter ) are studying. At present Children of 1st wife are taking care of the expenses of their fathers 2nd wife and their children. As in India lot of money.. More

  • Paying Zakah in installments Date: 27-7-2014

    i pay zakat every week 1, 2, 1, riyal like this. because after ramadhan it will be amount so mind will not allow to give. now in this way i give whole year 1, 2, 1, rial 9BY NIAT ZAKAT)and deop in the charity box because no zakat box in any place. now my zakat will be ok. or not. my salam to u all. pls. reply md. ali, qatar. .. More

  • Delaying some of the Zakah money in order to save money to marry a poor person or establish a project for him Date: 22-1-2014

    Sometimes, after I pay Zakaah, some money (of the Zakaah) remains. Is it permissible to keep this money without spending it and, if some money remains from the Zakaah of the following year, I keep it as well and add it to the previous remaining sum and so on till it becomes a large sum with which I can help in some issues like participating in marrying.. More

  • Postponing the payment of zakat to ascertain the need of the poor Date: 22-1-2014

    I am a doctor and I pay zakat on behalf of my brother to poor patients and they are many. Sometimes I postpone paying it until I ascertain that they are really in need of it. What is the ruling concerning preferring them over local citizens and what is the ruling concerning postponement? May Allaah Almighty Reward you the best... More

  • His money is in two different countries so in which of them should he pay Zakah? Date: 21-1-2014

    I have a scholarship to study in Britain. Since I receive a monthly salary, I saved a sum of money here in Britain in addition to another sum in my country – Libya. My question is: Should I pay Zakaah for each of the two amounts in their respective countries or pay for their total sum? .. More

  • He collected donations then deposited them in his bank account Date: 21-1-2014

    What is the ruling concerning an Imaam of a mosque who deposits the donations of the Muslim worshippers in his bank account? Also, what is the ruling of someone who uses them in trade?.. More

  • Cases in which paying the value of zakat in money is permissible Date: 21-1-2014

    The Nisaab of camels counted for zakat is five camels and the amount of zakat to be levied is a goat. If it reached ten camels, then the amount of zakat to be levied is two goats and the due zakat for twenty-five camels is a one year old she-camel. My question is as follows: "If I have five camels but do not have a goat, what should I pay for zakat.. More

  • Entrusting someone to pay one's Zakah from their money Date: 31-12-2013

    assalamu 'alaykum QUESTION ON ZAKAH: i need to give zakah; is it permissible if i request someone to give the money to the poor, on my behalf, and i will pay that person later for what they had paid on my behalf? will i have fulfilled my duty of giving zakah by doing so? i mean, for example, there may be a case that a person needs to send the zakah.. More