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  • Purchasing one's charity - A Sharee‘ah viewpoint

    My sister gave in charity some clothes which she loved dearly. After a while, she wanted to take back these clothes from the woman who took them and give her money instead, knowing that the woman did not use the clothes, accepted the matter easily and was happier with the money. Is this permissible, or is it considered taking back one's donation? .. More

  • Why the poor are given charity while it is the dirt of people

    Assalamu Alaikum, According to hadiths, zakat is regarded as impure wealth and dirt of people. Hence the Prophet (pbuh) forbade for himself and his family. The anti-Islamists are making statement that if zakat is impure wealth and dirt of people, will not the poor people take it as an insult to them when they know that they are accepting something impure.. More

  • Feeding your friend is not an obligation upon you

    Salaams, I am a uni student and I have a friend who can no longer afford rent and food. He visits me daily and spends numerous nights and I dont have a problem with him sleeping over. However, I always have to share my meals and cook twice more than I would normally. Therefore, I would be spending almost double my grocery bill, which as a university.. More

  • Giving regular charity to organization versus saving it at home for the needy

    Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu First of all I would like to thank all of you at Islamweb for taking the time to answer to all our queries - big and small at all times. May Allah azza wajjal reward you all for your patience and hardwork. Ameen. As for my question , my husband.. More

  • Give charity to yourself first and then to others

    asalaamu caleeykum warahmatulaahi wabarakaat brother i had 2 aquestion but before that i request to you to answer questions directly and not direct to another fatwa my 1st question is bother i lived in non muslim country and my budget is very strict i mean i only got the money that supports me and i have no extra wealth. so it happened that friends.. More

  • Her mother prevents her from spending in charity

    I want to give charity, but my mother prevents me in one way or another. Sometimes she tells me to give her the money I want to spend in charity, even though she does not really need it. Should I obey her in this matter?.. More

  • Charity is incomplete without possession

    Some time ago, a friend of mine was in need of a large sum of money, and he asked me to lend some to him. I collected an amount of money, part of which was from me and the rest from other people. I gave him the money and told him that it was not a debt, yet he insisted it was. To avoid embarrassing him, I told him that he can repay the money after.. More

  • Money for ongoing charity embezzled by receiver

    An amount of money was given, as ongoing charity, for the construction of a mosque. But the one who received the money took it for himself. Will it still be recorded for the payer as ongoing charity?.. More

  • Accepting charities out of taxes on alcohol companies

    A non-Muslim government has given financial aid to a group of Muslim youths. Is it permissible to benefit from such aid, or is it better not to accept it? It is noteworthy that the government in question has stated that the source of this money is the taxes levied on companies producing alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, and the like. Kindly furnish.. More

  • He was given money on an innovatory festival and wants to give it in charity

    Suppose person A giving money to B bcz of an innovatory festival the former has celebrated. Is it allowed for B to give that money in charity ? .. More

  • Eating from what one has given ‘fee sabeelillaah’

    Is it permissible for someone to eat from what he/she has given out for fisabiliLLAH? Example people in a mosque give out fisabiliLLAH after friday prayers, can they use part of the money they have given out to buy something for themselves e.g buy fruits to breakfast during fasting? .. More

  • Charity impermissible if it supports evildoing

    My sister is divorced and her ex-husband, the father of her children, is her neighbor. He does not work and drinks alcohol even during the daytime in Ramadhaan. She refuses to give him money or food and some people blame her for that under the pretext that he is a sick person. Is it permissible for her to give him money in order to buy alcohol and food.. More

  • The best charity and the best way to give charity

    DEAR SCHOLAR ASSALAMUALAIKUM, In the noble quraan ALLAH tells us lend to allah a goodly loan and ALLAH will replace it i can 't remember in which sura this ayah coming,I am wondering this ayay mention the zakath or sadaka if this ayah mention the zakath i know who i need to give the zakath but if this ayah mention sadakah what is the best sadakahand.. More

  • Feeding cats as an act of charity

    Assalamualaikum Wa Rahamathulillahi Wa Barakatahu, Is feeding cats amount to charity, my husband made it a point to feed cats whenever they comes, and also insist me to feed them, but I fear them, because they roam around me which makes me scare, and always requested my husband to drop this practise. My husband says staying in UAE we hardly finds.. More

  • Forms of charity other than giving money

    Are there any non – monetary (financial) forms of charity i.e. those not Involving money; and do their reward Is equal to that from monetary forms of charity, .. More