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  • Preferable Hajj rituals for Makkah residents Date: 22-11-2016

    Which type of Hajj is preferable for the residents of Makkah, Tamattu’or Ifraad? .. More

  • Performing Qiran Hajj without bringing Hady Date: 25-8-2016

    This year, Allaah helped us perform Hajj to His ancient House, all perfect praise be to Him for His favor. We intended to perform Qiran and told the journey coordinator about that. However, he took the money of hady (sacrificial animal) in Makkah from us, and not when we were in our country, which is Germany. Does this mean that our Hajj was incomplete.. More

  • Traveling to Madeenah between 'Umrah and Hajj during Tamattu' Hajj Date: 27-2-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. A person performing Tamattu' Hajj from Pakistan performed 'Umrah and then went to Madinah. On returning from Madinah, he did not perform 'Umrah, nor did he assume the state of ihraam (ritual consecration). Is there any penalty for not performing 'Umrah on returning from Madinah as he went out of the meeqaat (places where the pilgrims.. More

  • Ibn ‘Abbaas' stance on Hajj Tamattu‘ Date: 16-2-2015

    As salamualaikum. I heard of a narration by ibn abbas ra that when a person asked him about hajj tamattu he he said that prophet did that. Then the person said that abu bakr and umar prohibited that. So ibn abbas said that nearly the stones will fall upon you that I'm saying prophet did that and you say abu bakr and umar forbade us. Is the above narration.. More

  • Tamattu’ Hajj is the best type of Hajj Date: 17-9-2014

    Which is better: to perform ‘Umrah before Hajj or the other way around? It should be taken into account that I do not have enough money to perform Hajj... More

  • Why ‘Umar prohibited 'Umrah in the months of Hajj Date: 8-2-2014

    Assalaamu 'alaykum. In a previous fatwa by yourselves, it was said "This is also supported by the fact that Ibn ‘Umar and his father, would order the people to perform Tamattu‘ Hajj and, when they said to him that his father forbade it, he would reply saying, "He did not mean that which you understood.” Could you please tell me where this statement.. More

  • Can a person perform a Tamattu‘ Hajj on the eighth of Thul-Hijjah Date: 20-1-2014

    Can one begin a Tamattu‘ Hajj on the eighth of Thul-Hijjah or must it begin before the eighth of Thul-Hijjah? What is the proof for this? .. More

  • He performed ‘Umrah during the months of Hajj then wanted to perform Hajj Date: 20-1-2014

    A person was on a visit to Saudi Arabia and performed ‘Umrah in Ramadhaan. This person lived in Jeddah during his stay there and performed another ‘Umrah in Shawwaal. Is he required to offer a Hady (i.e. sacrificial animal) if he performs Hajj this year? .. More

  • ‘Umar's forbiddance of the Tamattu‘ Hajj was to choose what is better Date: 20-1-2014

    How authentic is the Hadeeth narrated on the authority of ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattaab, may Allaah be pleased with him, concerning the two things that existed at the time of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, that he (i.e. ‘Umar) forbade (i.e. the Tamattu‘ Hajj and Mut‘ah marriage)? What are the reasons for forbidding the Mut‘ah marriage.. More

  • The rituals of the Qiraan and Ifraad Hajj are the same except that the Hady is obligatory in the Qiraan Hajj Date: 19-1-2014

    When I was in the Miqaat, I intended to perform a Qiraan Hajj and those who were with me intended to perform an Ifraad Hajj. I did so out of ignorance as I should have been like them. I did not discover this mistake until the days of throwing the pebbles. I performed the obligation of Hajj as an Ifraad Hajj. What is the ruling? .. More

  • Validity of Tamattu‘ after assuming Ihraam for ‘Umrah in Shawwaal Date: 16-1-2014

    A pilgrim who wants to perform ‘Umrah in the months of Hajj followed by Hajj ( Tamattu` Hajj) and arrived in Hejaz lands in the month of Shawwaal. Is it permissible for him to perform ‘Umrah or should he wait until the coming of Thul-Qa‘dah? .. More

  • Performed Umrah and wants to stay for the Hajj season, must he perform Tawaaf Al-Qudoom? Date: 15-1-2014

    I want to perform ‘Umrah during the month of Ramadhaan and also want to stay until Hajj is due. Should I make Tawaaf Al-Qudoom (arrival circumambulation) while in Makkah?.. More

  • Hajj Qiraan after ‘Umrah made without intention of Tamattu' Date: 18-11-2012

    Please clarify the following: I have come to Makkah for Job in Shawal. After few days i performed two umrah with out the intention of any hajj. They were purely for the sake of Umrah. Now i want to do Hajj-e- Qaran. But people say that since i have already performed umrah now i cannot do Hajj-e-Qaran. In this scenario which hajj can i do? However,.. More

  • The 'Umrah of his Hajj Tamattu’ was invalid Date: 28-6-2011

    I was willing to perform Hajj -e -Tamattu. I have performed Umra on arrival to Holy Mecca. Thereafter I went To Holy Madina and on returning I performed another Umra (of course before Hajj) . Thereafter after some days I performed hajj. Now, in case my second Umra becomes void or nullifies. Then , is my Hajj- e- Tamattu valid keeping in view that.. More

  • Ruling on making ‘Umrah in the night before ‘Arafah Date: 28-1-2010

    I want to perform Hajj this year. Is it permissible for me to perform ‘Umrah during the night of ‘Arafah and then go directly to ‘Arafah with the pilgrims?.. More