92 fatwas

  • One Uth'hiyyah Is Sufficient for the Household If They Share Expenses Date: 24-10-2021

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahamathullahi wa barakathahu.Is it permissible for a working woman (widow) to offer qurbani in her daugher's name, who is major but not employed or married yet, during Bakrid festival.Allah Hafiz. .. More

  • Offering Sacrifice Is Not Conditional on Performing the Rituals of Hajj Date: 22-9-2020

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahamathullahi wa barakathahu. We follow Hanafi fiqh. I understand that due to corona pandemic Hajj has been cancelled this year except for the locals. I would like to know whether we may offer animal sacrifice this year also as was done during the yester years. Allah Hafiz .. More

  • Donating the Entire Sacrifice of ‘Eed Date: 2-9-2019

    Assalamu Alaykum. Is it ok to distribute the whole Udhya meat after cooking as beef/mutton biriyani? .. More

  • The Wisdom Behind Sacrifice of Eid Al-Adh-ha and Aqeeqah Date: 14-5-2018

    السلاك عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتهA Christian is asking how does sacrificing an animal at Eid-Adha get one closer to Allah?He is also asking for the reason for aqeeqah, why is it done? Is it similar to the Jewish Passover?Please reply very soon .. More

  • Sacrificing and eating wild sheep Date: 18-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is it allowed to eat and sacrifice a wild sheep? .. More

  • Taking Udhhiyah slaughtered in someone else's name impermissible Date: 21-12-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is with regards to the Udhhiyah (sacrificial animal). There is a coupon system available nowadays. Once the slaughtering is done, we have to go and collect it. Is it ok if the sheep that they give us after slaughtering is not the one that was registered in our name? .. More

  • Sharing Udhhiyah with employee of interest-based bank Date: 10-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am currently looking for seven people in my neighborhood in order to collect some amount of money to buy a cow as sacrifice (Udhhiyah). While I now have three people, one more person came to us, saying that he wanted to join us in the Udhhiyah. The problem is that he works in an interest-based bank. We do not know whether he works.. More

  • Donating hides of sacrifices to build Masjid Date: 25-8-2016

    A religious committee supervising the construction of a Masjid would like to carry out a profitmaking project for the sake of the Masjid. It is to collect, with no return, the hides of 'Eid sacrifices from their owners after doing the ritual and sell them to a company specialized in leather manufacturing. They plan to benefit from the price in building.. More

  • Questions concerning someone who left will that sacrifice be offered on his behalf Date: 25-8-2016

    A man left a will stating that if he died, a sacrifice should be offered on his behalf. Do the rulings of the Udh-hiyah (sacrificial animal) apply to this sacrifice with regard to the permissibility that his heirs should eat of it? Or is it subject to the rulings of a will in the sense that all of it should be given in charity? Please advise us, may.. More

  • Time of slaughtering Udh-hiyah in each country Date: 24-8-2016

    In our country, 'Eid Al-Adh-ha starts earlier than it does in Saudi Arabia. This means that we slaughter our Udh-hiyah (sacrificial animal) before the pilgrims in Al-Bayt Al-Haram do so. Is our Udh-hiyah valid? .. More

  • Whether Udh-hiyah is due on both spouses if they both earn money Date: 24-8-2016

    Is the Udh-hiyah (sacrificial animal) due on both the husband and wife if both of them get earnings? .. More

  • Whether one who donates living sheep to poor will get reward of Udh-hiyah Date: 24-8-2016

    My friend donated his living Udh-hiyah (sacrificial animal) to a poor family which he favored to himself. Shall he get the reward of offering the Udh-hiyah? .. More

  • Whether Udh-hiyah is due only by intention Date: 24-8-2016

    I intended to give an Udh-hiyah (sacrificial animal), but I did not designate it. At the same time, my brother deputized me to offer an Udh-hiyah on his behalf. I then bought four sacrificial animals without designating any of them to myself or to my brother. Is it permissible for me to keep one of those four animals for my family? .. More

  • Less than seven people sharing one camel or cow as Udh-hiyah Date: 23-8-2016

    Is it permissible that three or four persons share one camel as Udh-hiyah ('Eid sacrificial animal)? Must they be seven persons? .. More

  • Udh-hiyah of rich wife – whether husband should cease to cut his nails and hair Date: 22-8-2016

    Allaah willing, I will offer an udh-hiyah (sacrificial animal) from my own property, given that I am an employee. Do the conditions of the udh-hiyah apply to my husband, such as letting the beard grow … to the end of rituals? .. More