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  • Information about Thul-Khalasah Date: 18-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I want to know about Thul-Khalasah. .. More

  • Claiming that Islam kept many pre-Islamic concepts Date: 22-2-2016

    Did Islam modify pre-Islamic things? I am asking because there are many things present in Islam that also existed in pre-Islamic Arabia, like the concept of jinn,slavery, and so on. The concept of jinn only existed in Arabia before Islam, and no other people of the world believed in them. So why are there many pre-Islamic Arabian conceptsin Islam? .. More

  • Names of the idols of the pagan Arabs Date: 15-2-2010

    The names of idols of the pagan Arabs are well known, including Laat, Manat, and Uzza. Which was the fourth idol that was worshipped by the pagan Arabs?.. More

  • The worship of Allaah before Islam Date: 6-5-2002

    My question is about the Arab people before the coming of Islam in the days of Jahiliyya. Did the Arabs worship Allaah along with other idols? Many Western people who write books on Islam (thinking that they know everything) say that the Arabs before Islam came up with the idea that their god "al-lah" was the same god that the Christian and Jewish.. More