966 fatwas

  • Virtue of acquiring knowlege to call to Islam Date: 20-7-2001

    What is better in the sight of Allah: to call to Islam or to study Islam for oneself?.. More

  • Choosing a Vocation for Allah's Sake Date: 20-7-2001

    Which one is better in the sight of Allah (higher reward in the day of judgement): a man who is working a full-time secular job and teaches Islam on a part-time basis or a man who is learning and teaching Islam on a full-time basis as this is his job. Which of these 2 is better? .. More

  • Fatwas issued in harsh tone Date: 9-7-2001

    This is actually a comment on your Fatwa regarding Muslims with non-Muslim families and relatives. I am just a Muslim who knows only the basics of Islam and I hope to learn more. However I know that Islam asked us to conduct our arguments with " Hussna". I did not sense any consideration in your explanations to his family. Nor did you question the strength.. More

  • Reverts to Islam in order to marry Date: 1-7-2001

    What is the ruling for a person who reverts for the sake of marriage but whole-heartedly accepts Islam and is practicing Islam (i.e. prayers, fasting, Zakah) and making every effort to learn Islam and read and understand the Qur'an?.. More

  • Polygyny in Islam Date: 20-6-2001

    Please give me brief description about the polygamy in Islam? As the polygamy is opposed or criticised by the modern world, what can be the best answer given to such opposers or criticisers? .. More

  • Tableegi Emir prerogatives Date: 14-6-2001

    I am the Ameer of the Tableegi effort in my city, now we are doing the effort in a mosque that have different Islamic direction. My question is that while doing the Mushawarah on whom to give the Saturday speech, from the people in the Mushawarah 4 said for one person, but the other 2 brothers siting said for another person. I as an Ameer was with the.. More

  • Websites Perverting Views of Islam Date: 14-5-2001

    This question is a clarification of the previous question I have asked. The question was regarding the demolition of the Jannat-ul-Baki and the Jannat-ul-Maula by the Saudi govt. in 1925. I am attaching the websites of the pictures for your reference. I was inquiring for the reason behind this.http://www.al-islam.org/gallery/photos/muala_b4.gifHttp://www.al-i.. More

  • Associating with Ahmadiyya Date: 2-5-2001

    I am an international student in Glasgow, UK. Today(Friday) I was woking for a mosque to perform my Jumaa prayers. Since I am new here, I went into a place that showed the signboard "Ahmadyya Muslim Mission", thinking that it was a mosque. Anyway, when I went in a man approached me and lead me to a guest room. Then he asked me which sect I was from... More

  • Ismailites (Agha Khanis) Date: 30-4-2001

    Are Ismailies Muslim? (Agha Khanis) They claim to be Muslim, but as I understand their belief they do not believe in praying five times a day, fasting, or Hajj. Is this view correct? .. More

  • Advice Against Sufi Groups Date: 24-4-2001

    My country, Algeria, and surrounding countries had undergone severe calamities and disasters in true Islamic Aqeedah (creed) by deviated innovating Sufi factions such as Teejaniya, Rah'maniya, Eesawiya, El Habria, Asshaad Hiliya, etc... Their so called Sheiks used to collaborate with the French colonialist administration to distort true Islam which.. More

  • The Four Schools of Jurisprudence Date: 23-4-2001

    I've been told by some trustworthy brothers (schools of Fiqh) that some Sunni scholars regard Madhahib as Bid'a (innovation), and since these Madhhab did not exist during the time of the prophet (Peace and blessing be upon him), nor during the time of the rightly guided four Caliphs are they Bid'a (innovation)? What is the status of "Madhab" in Islam?.. More

  • The Sanoosi Movement Date: 22-4-2001

    We heard about this Sanusi movement spread in North Africa al-Maghrib al Islami, not Arabi! Could you, please, tell us about this movement? Was this a Salafi Movement? Or a deviant Sufi movement? We heard that they had their schools even in Saudi Arabia! Is it true? .. More

  • Sufi terminologies Date: 16-4-2001

    In Tasawuf teaching there was a term that called Shariah, Tareeqa', Hakeekah and Maarifa'. Is this term really have been teaching by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) to his companion (R.A.)... More

  • Muslims and other groups Date: 5-4-2001

    Is it true that every Muslim must enter the Thareeqah if they want to find the real worship to Allah (s.w.t.)? I read from some Tasawuf book that stated it... More

  • Difficulty finding correct Islamic group Date: 28-3-2001

    Nowadays there are many groups in Islam led by Ulama (scholars). Some of these groups hold conflicting opinions although they cite Qur'an and Hadith for their views. They even accuse each other of being astray. How can we know which of these groups are correct?.. More