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  • Giving Priority to People with Special Needs Date: 25-11-2018

    I have heard many Hadiths on how Prophet Muhammad treated individuals who has special needs. He gave them his full attention and took care of their needs. If an individual who has special needs is in contact with someone who is a teacher/someone who they look up to, is that someone suppose to to go them first than the average human being? .. More

  • Feeding is not a valid expiation unless one is permanently unable to fast Date: 10-5-2016

    My sister is disabled. She is 14 years old. She is not able to move and can only speaks through gestures. My mother provides a charity on her behalf for every day of Ramadan. Is this valid? .. More

  • Ruling on making food for an old person during the daytime in Ramadan Date: 9-5-2016

    There is a Muslim man who is 80 years old. I live with him in the same house. He is in good health. He also has a strong physique. Is it permissible for him to not fast Ramadan? I would like to inform you that he usually wakes up at noon, has a late breakfast and eats very little, meaning that he does not like eating much. Is it permissible for me to.. More

  • Over 80, nervous, and does not fast. How should his children deal with him? Date: 5-5-2016

    I have a friend whose father is over the age of 80. This father pretends to fast while his family and children see him drink and smoke tobacco. He is in good health. He is nervous, and fasting may affect him, but not that much. If somebody talks to him about fasting, then he claims that he fasts and that he understands more than others. What is the.. More

  • The fast of senile people Date: 31-5-2015

    I have a grandmother who is old and is not of sound mind. She cannot fast. How can she make up for the fasting of Ramadan? Please also be informed that the doctors do not anticipate her recovery. .. More

  • Rulings related to the one who suffers from renal failure Date: 27-5-2015

    I suffer from a renal failure since two years. May Allah keep it away from you. Praise be to Allah, I underwent a kidney transplant, and it approximately works 65 or 70 percent. It is well known that the one who underwent a kidney transplant should drink a lot of liquids and regularly take medicine. What is the ruling on fasting in this case? .. More

  • Elderly people - should they fast or not? Date: 16-9-2009

    My grandmother is ninety-one years old and she is bedridden; however, she wants to fast. What is the Islamic ruling on her fasting?.. More

  • Has to drink water in Ramadan due to loss of kidney Date: 16-8-2004

    Due to Renal cell carcinoma in the left kidney of younger brother, his kidney was removed during the surgery. He used to drink water after short intervals. What should he do in Ramadan, because his fault is permanent and not recoverable?.. More

  • A Diabetic Pregnant Woman Needing 3 to 4 Meals a Day in Ramadan Date: 21-9-2003

    Now is ok for a pregnant sister who is diabetes to fast during Ramadan, as long as she is told that she needs 3 to 4 meals a day. .. More