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  • Using Dotted, Ribbed, and Spiked Condoms Date: 29-1-2020

    Salam, Are different kind of high textured condoms such as dotted,ribbed,spiked condoms designed to create sensation artificially permissible? dotted condoms are being used commonly in our country. Probably, many muslims use it. .. More

  • Condoms and periodic abstinence Date: 10-3-2011

    Is it permissible for me to take birth control pills to avoid pregnancy or use condoms for a specific period so as to prevent pregnancy? Are there any other contraceptives to postpone pregnancy?.. More

  • Using enhanced pleasure condoms Date: 3-1-2011

    S/A...I have two questions which are very explicit I apologize but I feel they are important for me and other muslims will benefit inshaAllah Jazakum Allah khair. Firstly, is it ok for my husband to use condoms that have enhancments on it such as condoms that are ribbed, vibrating rims, and/or pleasure enhancing lubricants? My second Question is regarding.. More

  • Her husband refuses to sleep with her unless he wears a condom Date: 11-5-2008

    my husband refuses to sleep with me unless he wears a condom, and if i say no he says he can understand why men choose to have more than one wife and if he ends up being unfaithful i will only have myself to blame. is this right?.. More

  • Wife poking a hole in the condom to get pregnant against husband’s will Date: 15-11-2007

    Salam. I am sorry for this question but I just want to know if it is ok. Is it permissable for the wife to cut or poke a hole through the condom for the wife to become pregnant since her husband does not want the wife to be pregnant now?? Is this allowable in islam; I don't think so. Is this considered disrespecting the husband since he will not know.. More

  • Use of a condom Date: 25-2-2004

    Is it permitted to use condom?.. More

  • Messy Wife Wants To Delay Having another Child Date: 1-1-2001

    I am a messy housewife. I clean things, but am very disorganized. I have a 5 month-old baby and want to know if it was OK to use condoms to prevent having another child because of my inability to take care of the house. Thank you. .. More