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  • Donating Blood Plasma Date: 2-7-2019

    can a muslim donate plasam? .. More

  • Donating blood to be used in scientific research Date: 4-12-2009

    As-salamu alaykum I live in Europe and I am used to donating blood. The blood is usually processed and the blood plasma (where blood cells are suspended) is separated from the blood by centrifugation. The plasma is either discarded or used in manufacturing some medicines since it is rich in many substances (proteins, glucose, minerals, hormones, etc.)... More

  • Donating cord blood to a public blood bank Date: 30-12-2008

    Assalaamu alaikum, Is it halal to donate cord blood to a public bank? I was thinking about it, since it can cure a child or person of a terminal illness such as cancer. It is taken from the umbilical cord after delivery and does not effect the mother or child. Jazak Allah khair.. More

  • Blood donation to unknown people who might be criminals, drug addicts, etc Date: 29-5-2007

    Asalamo alaikoum, We understand that donating blood may be considered permissable and even recommended by some to save the life of others. However, some blood banks that operate blood donation campaigns whether in a Muslim society or not (as in the Western world) often don't provide any information about who is receiving the donated blood other than.. More

  • Transfusing blood taken from a non-Muslim Date: 7-3-2006

    My wife is very ill and she was admitted to the hospital, we cannot find a type of blood for from the Muslims, are we allowed to take or buy a blood from the non-Muslim or Kafir? We knew that they are not clean; they are eating pork and drinking Alcohol. Please Advise. .. More

  • Blood donation to a person does not render him/her a Mahram Date: 15-11-2005

    Is donating blood allowed in Islam? If blood donated, will he/she become ones Mahram (like we have 4 the milk)? .. More

  • Reward for donating blood Date: 22-4-2004

    Since donating blood can save 6 lives per blood donation, if you donate blood with the intention to save 6 lives will you get the reward of saving 6 lives from Allah?Saving one life is like "saving the entire world.".. More

  • Shariah ruling concerning benefiting from blood Date: 14-12-2002

    Is giving plasma Haram if you are paid? Even if you are paid for your time and not for your fluids?.. More

  • Donating Blood to Non-Muslims Date: 13-8-2001

    I work in the health field, and part of my job entails preparing blood for transfusion. We are currently experiencing a severe blood shortage. I would like to know if it permissible for a Muslim to donate blood. It is not certain whether the blood will be given to a Muslim or non-Muslim, but living in America, the majority are Kuffar. It is noted that.. More

  • Donating Blood Date: 12-8-2000

    Does Islam allow a person to give blood? For example, donating blood at a blood drive. .. More