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  • Fasting and celebrating the 'Eed with Saudi Arabia Date: 2-3-2004

    We are in Ghana, West Africa. Can we fast and celebrate our Eid the same day with Saudi Arabia? .. More

  • Deciding the day of the Eid outside of Saudi Arabia Date: 17-2-2004

    I am from Pakistan; people usually celebrate Eids one day later than in Saudi Arabia. Now we are facing a problem for fasting on the day of Arafah, whether we fast on the ninth of Dhul Hijjah as the religious scholars believe in Pakistan or on the day when the pilgrims gather in the place of Arafah as some scholars who studied in Saudia say? Please.. More

  • Starting of Ramadan and 'Eed celebrations Date: 29-1-2004

    Why doesn't the whole Muslim world start Ramadhaan and celebrate 'Eeds on same days?.. More

  • Starting the Fast and Breaking It Should Be with The Country Where One Is Found Date: 4-1-2004

    I live in the USA and we began fasting on Monday. Then I went back to Jordan; there the fasting began on Sunday. So I'm one day behind. They will have Eid earlier. What do I have to do? Note: I will stay in Jordan until the end of the Eid. .. More

  • Eye Sighting of the Moon Is what Is Considered in the Sharee’ah Date: 13-11-2003

    In my country it is not the practices to sight the moon and begin/end Ramadan which contrary to the Sunnah. They rely on astronomic calculation. This year it has been fixed here in Singapore that the day to begin Ramadan is on 27th Oct. and to end 24th Nov. My question is: If I received a message say any where in the globe informing me that the moon.. More

  • When Does Ramadan Begin? Date: 22-10-2003

    When Ramadan begins this year (2003)? .. More

  • Why did Allah create the moon? Date: 27-9-2003

    Why did God created the moon? .. More

  • Should He End Fasting in Libya or UK Date: 12-4-2003

    I have question about my brother. He came to UK in the second of Ramadan from Libya and as you know Ramadan in Libya is one day earlier than UK. My question is should my brother break fasting with Libya, or otherwise follow UK? .. More

  • Moon sightings determined Date: 30-3-2003

    If the crescent for Ramadan is viewed by non-Muslims but relayed live by TV, then should we Muslims after seeing it on TV accept it as having sighted the crescent and either begin the month or end it?.. More

  • Beginning of Ramadan Date: 18-11-2002

    Here in Rwanda we want to know when Ramadan begins? .. More

  • Moon Sighting in Saudi Arabia Date: 12-11-2002

    Many people say that Saudi Arabia does not follow moon sighting by eye but follow a calendar by name "Ummul Qura"! Is this true? .. More

  • Time Difference In Sighting New Moon Date: 20-2-2002

    We live here in Japan for studying and the Islamic center here in Japan announced that the first day of Zul-Hijja is Thursday 14, February. According to this day of Arafah will be on Friday 22 and first day of Eid al-Adha will be - Insha Allah - on Saturday 23, February; they did not see the new moon but asked the nearest Islamic country to Japan which.. More

  • Greetings during Ramadan Date: 6-1-2002

    What is the Islamic ruling for saying to each other, when Ramadan comes,: "Ramadan Kareem" and "Ramadan Mubaarak". Is it a Bid'a or a Sunnah? And what is the proof of it? We never say this in my home country.. More

  • Length of fasting days different due to traveling Date: 9-12-2001

    I have known that Ramadhaan will start in Egypt at Friday 16-11-2001, Now I am in Japan at which the fasting is according to the nearest Islamic country like Malaysia, thus Friday here will be 29th of Shaban. For my case I will go back to Egypt in Ramadhaan which means that my Fasting will be less than in Egypt by one day. So My Question is: in which.. More

  • Ramadan This Year Date: 5-9-2001

    When is Ramadan this year? .. More