238 fatwas

  • Unemployment Benefits Date: 25-10-2022

    I claimed state benefits as i was unemployed.. I then picked up some part time work cash in hand and didn’t claim this to the government. I didn’t think this was haram at the time. Do I need to give the money back I took for unemployment ? I didn’t know it was haram or halal for me at the time .. More

  • Does Adultery Cause Prohibition of Establishing Marriage Relationship? Date: 14-9-2022

    If the husband commits adultery with the mother-in-law, will the wife get divorced? .. More

  • Bad Ads Appear when Using Instagram Date: 21-8-2022

    As Salam Alaykum, Shaikh i use Instagram only to consume Islamic content, but lately I have been getting these ads of book astrologer, consult astrologer. Can I use the platform anymore? I don’t know why they are recommending me this filth. I never had any activity related to it. Jazak Allahu Khayran .. More

  • Committed Adultery with Neighbor's Wife Date: 7-8-2022

    Assalamu Alaikum Waramathulla wabarakathu. I Committed Zina with my neighbor's wife. Should I ask for forgiveness from the husband first or can I seek forgiveness from Allah and show remorse with sincere repentance. Which should I do please? I regret my actions. .. More

  • Eavesdropping on Family Conversations while they Are Talking about Her Date: 11-4-2022

    Is it allowed to hear my family conversation?. If they are talking to someone regarding my marriage without my concern.? Sometimes i feel its ok what i can do hearing the talks? I believe almighty allah is best planner. And sometimes iam confused that its regarding my future so i should. .... please help me . I pray to allah may your answer guide me.. More

  • He Is Short-Tempered But Is Trying to Improve Date: 11-4-2022

    I used to be short-tempered but now I'm trying to improve. Should we apologise to others for being rude? Sometimes I use loud or rude tone but later realize I've to be careful. Driver was about to start driving the car and I was holding the door to enter in the car, so I said it rudely "what has happened" now I'm thinking I should not have behaved like.. More

  • Flipping Through Instagram Date: 26-9-2021

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. My question is about flipping through instagram. As with videos from the world they are bound to have music and women who are not covered etc. Some of the videos include nudity too. Is keeping the volume low and skipping fast if something haram comes up okay or it is haram to flip through instagram? .. More

  • Taking Boyfriends or Girlfriends Is Forbidden in Islam Date: 20-9-2021

    Aslaam aleikum sheikh,I was having a conversation with my friends and we came across the question is having a girlfriend haram or not. I said it was haram and I gave some proof but they said it's ok and there's nothing wrong with it. Can you please inform me more on the matter and how I could refute them? Thank you. .. More

  • Agreement on Government Website Stipulates that One Should Search for Work 35 Hours Per Week to Get Unemployment Benefit Date: 16-9-2021

    Assalamu Alaykum Sheikh, To receive unemployment benefit, the jobcentre made me agree on the uk government website to spend 35 hrs searching for work each week, I told them straight that I don't spend 35 hrs and the jobcentre agent said that the agreement is just a formality and to just apply for the jobs that they send me. However, I dont know if this.. More

  • She Is Attracted to Women and Confused to Tell Future Husband If He Marries Another Wife Date: 19-4-2021

    Salaam,I am a single female Muslim who has known for several years that I am way more attracted to women than men. However, I will never act upon this desire as I love and respect Allah way too much to disobey him in this way (Alhamdullilah). My question is regarding allowing my future husband to have multiple wives. I have never really been against.. More

  • He Accidentally Discovered that His Son Has a Gay Dating Apps on His Phone Date: 19-4-2021

    Hello. I recently found out that my 20-year-old son is probably homosexual. I accidentally discovered that he has gay dating apps on his phone. He acts feminine sometimes as well. However, I’m quite afraid to confront him about this. Since he is my son and I want him to be happy.Is homosexuality acceptable in Islam and why? What should I do? .. More

  • Giving Up Alcohol Gradually for Alcohol Addict Patients Date: 2-12-2020

    When patients are addicted to alcohol and then decide to stop drinking alcohol, healthcare professionals have to advise them to not stop drinking straight away because stopping drinking straight away can cause a condition called delirium tremens which can be fatal. Of course healthcare professionals have to advise them to continue drinking until they.. More

  • A Husband Forcing His Wife to Have Sex with Other Men Date: 2-12-2020

    What if a husband forces his wife to have sex with other man because he likes to see her having sex with other men and earning some money too.It’s been 14 years to marriage and 2 kids .. More

  • Taking Available Means to Prevent the Spread of the Pandemic: Legitimate Date: 19-7-2020

    فصل ب?ن المصل?ن بسبب الامراض المعدية Due to Corona virus is a pandemic (Waba) that spreads due to close contact between people. The world health organization and other organizations working for human safety have directed people to observe social distancing. Is it not better to keep distance among people standing in suf.. More

  • Committed Zina and Impregnated a Woman Who Wants to Become Muslim but He Does Not Wish to Marry Her Date: 15-6-2020

    As salaamu alaykum. I made the disgusting mistake of committing fornication with a female who is not Muslim but she is in the process of taking her shahadah. I have repented sincerely and taken action to prevent this from happening again. I have come to learn that there may be a possibility that she may be pregnant and I’m honestly in such a dark.. More