659 fatwas

  • Value of industrial company for Zakah Date: 2-5-2000

    I have an industrial company; I want to know how to calculate Zakah? Thank you. .. More

  • Wife giving Zakaah to poor husband Date: 1-5-2000

    Can a wife give Zakaah to her poor husband? Can a wife help her husband by her money? .. More

  • Paying Zakah in form of gifts Date: 10-4-2000

    Can I take part of my Zakah and buy some presents to some poor people in my country, because it is difficult for them to take money? Or must the Zakah be given as a money only, not other things?.. More

  • Adding gold and silver together for Zakah Date: 12-3-2000

    1. If a man has silver 200 grams and gold 80 grams, neither silver nor gold reaches its minimum nisab value. Will he be obligated to pay Zakat after one year? 2. A man has silver 10 grams and gold 20 grams. If he calculates the worth of 20 grams of gold and adds this value to the worth of 10 grams of silver, it exceeds the worth of 595 grams of silver.. More

  • In Debt, Supports Her Family, and Wants to Pay Zakaah Date: 6-3-2000

    I am a single female that supports her family. I pay Sadaqah occasionally. My father is alive but he doesn't support us. I don't have savings or gold saved. In fact I have debts. Should I be paying Zakah? If yes, when and how much? .. More

  • Paying Zakah to Sayyeds (Prophet's descendants) Date: 14-1-2000

    We wish to clarify a matter about Zakat. Many people are of the opinion that one cannot and should not give Zakat to Sayyeds (whose ancestry goes back to Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] ). Is there any reference to this in the Quran or in Hadeeth? If one refers to Surah Anfal (8th surah) verse 41, about booty gained from the Battle of Badr and its distribution,.. More

  • Amount of Zakatul-Fitr Date: 14-1-2000

    We have about 20 Masjids in our area. Each Masjid asked for a different amount of money for Zakatul-Fitr; e.g., one asked 3 dollars, another 5 dollars, another 7 dollars, and one 10 dollars. 1) If I pray in 2 Masjids, each with a different amount of Zakatul-Fitr, how much should I pay? 2) Is the person who decides the value of the Zakat in each.. More

  • Zakaatul-Fitr Date: 13-12-1999

    1. What must a Muslim do if he has nothing to give for his FITRA? 2. Is it permissible that I borrow money in order to give my FITRA? 3. What is the rule on FITRA, is it WAJIB or SUNNAH? .. More

  • Using Zakaah funds to build Mosques or Islamic schools Date: 5-12-1999

    I have been told that Zakaat money can be used to build mosques and Islamic Schools. Is this true? Please provide the necessary Ahadith or Ayats because I have been told that there is no specific prohibition in the Qur'an or Ahadith. Shukran. Yours in Islam, Ahmed .. More

  • Paying Zakah on sale of small business Date: 13-11-1999

    I started a small business for one year. After one year there was an amount of (2700) Dirhams in the bank. I cancelled the buisness and sold all furniture and equipment. I didn't sell that on cash but rather on many payments. After another year there was an amount of 47000 Dirhams in the bank. The question is: Do I need to pay the ZAKAT for one year.. More

  • Zakah on small shops Date: 29-10-1999

    I want to know about Zakah. I have 2 units of small shops in a shopping complex. So far I have never received any rent from them, although I bought these 5 years ago. I have been calculating Zakat on what I have as Gold/ money etc. Should I include the cost of the shops, from which I haven't received any money, as rent? Please send me all the materials.. More

  • Paying Zakah Date: 22-8-1999

    My Question is regarding Zakah: 1) For example, let 1200 dollarsbe the minimum amount which makes one eligible to pay zakah. Should a person pay zakah on it as soon as it reaches that amount? 2) Assuming he has paid zakah on the minimum amount and after a few months he reaches that amount again, should he pay zakah again or is it sufficient for him.. More

  • Zakah on piece of land for children Date: 15-8-1999

    Al-Salam Alykum! I own a piece of land which I bought to keep for my children to build on in the future. Do I have to pay ZAKAH on it? If yes, how much do I have to pay of the land's price and do I have to pay ZAKAH on it annually (i.e. every year)? ShukranAllah Yejzikom Al-Kheir... More

  • Muslim students studying in Europe need financial aid Date: 1-8-1999

    What do you think about ZAKAH FOR STUDENTS, esp. in EUROPE? Also, what do you think about a Muslim in the west can take only from a bishop or church. esp if this student is a leader in Muslim affairs... More