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  • Holding a Wedding Party More Than Once Date: 3-12-2018

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته I read that a wedding party for more than three days is haram or something like that. In my land, people have so many parties on different days when they get married. (Sometimes even before they make the contract!) .Can you explain? .. More

  • Decorating bride and groom's car Date: 16-5-2017

    How is wedding car decoration done in islam? .. More

  • Delaying wedding banquet for financial reasons Date: 18-9-2016

    I am unemployed and do not have money for a wedding now, but both my parents and those of my wife are in support of our relationship. She has given me a child and we are living together, but we are still not financially able to go through a wedding for now. Is what we are doing accepted in Islam, and can she prepare food for me during Ramadan? .. More

  • Attending a wedding banquet given by the bride's family Date: 12-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. I heard of a narration that says that the one who attends the wedding feast organised by the bride's side is like the one who enters the feast as a thief and comes out as a dacoit (Hindy for bandit). Is this narration true? Please provide a reference. May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • A couple making Waleemah for renewing their marriage contract Date: 20-1-2014

    السلم عليكم I am married,had waleemah and announced it! But i have recently found out that my nikah was not valid so i have to renew it! Does this mean i will have to announce the marriage again with waleemah,as everyone in the community thinks were already married so does it have to be announced again as this will be very embarrassing and.. More

  • Giving out sweets to work colleagues to celebrate marriage Date: 26-10-2013

    Assalam alaikom, First of all, may Allah reward you all for your generous efforts in bringing authentic knowledge to the average Muslim. I was wondering if it was ok to distribute some sweets amongst colleagues in my office as a happy occasion for fixing of my wedding. Can this be done before Nikah or only after ? Now my wedding will be in India and.. More

  • Ruling on Gaye Holud ceremony Date: 6-3-2013

    Is Gaye holud (translates to “yellowing of the body.” at night before wedding ceremony ) an islamic culture or a bengali culture ? If it is a islamic culture can you give any evidence from quran & sunnah ? In our country Bangladesh some people mention a hadith to prove that it is an islamic culture. The hadith is:oneday abd al rahman bin awf.. More

  • Many questions about Mahr and Waleemah Date: 13-6-2012

    I am goin to get married soon in India. I have a few doubts regarding the marriage contract. 1) Is it permissible for my bride's parents to gift their daughter with gold and land as gift? If my bride gives those things or land to me, can I make use of it? {It is not a demanded dowry} 2) I plan to give the waleemah on the wedding day after the nikkah.. More

  • Trying to reduce the consumption of food served at a wedding Date: 22-5-2012

    ASAK, During a discussion between friends, I took a strong objection to the viewpoint of some. The topic was "INNAMAL AMAALU BINIYYAAT" (ACTIONS ARE BUT INTENTIONS). A few years back home in India this was overheard that "the cook gave advice to the host of a wedding day dinner that if we add a certain ingredient called "PHITAKRI" to the dish being.. More

  • Ruling on wedding banquet with less than a sheep Date: 21-2-2012

    Is it permissible to give a wedding banquet with food but without slaughtering an animal (i.e. a goat, sheep, or a camel, and so on)?.. More

  • Ruling on banquets for circumcision, weddings and childbirth Date: 13-2-2012

    Is there a Hadeeth of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, that urges Muslims to hold banquets on certain occasions such as marriage, circumcision, and the like?.. More

  • What should one do to guarantee a marriage banquet is free from religious violations? Date: 8-3-2011

    Is it permissible not to have a marriage banquet if holding it would lead to religious violations such as intermixing between men and women, illegal exposure of women's adornment, singing, and so on? Can I make up for this by slaughtering a sheep for example and distributing the meat among my relatives and the poor people? May Allaah reward you... More

  • Marriage customs should not contradict the Sharee'ah Date: 8-7-2010

    Asslamu Alaikum, Dear Sheikh, It is a tradition in my hometown for the groom to go to bride's house after marriage. The groom will live in the bride's house and will give money for food for the entire family. The house will legally belong to wife. I read that during Prophet's time, bride used to go to husband's house after marriage. Is this tradition.. More

  • Celebrate your wedding but beware of being extavagant Date: 11-3-2010

    AsalamuAlykum, Dear scholars I am planning to get married by year end InshaAllah. I have a question regarding the wedding feast and ceremony. I live in Kashmir. Here we have a tradition of inviting lots of guests to the feast and quintals of mutton, chicken and vegetables etc, are served to the guests and I must admid most of it goes waste. I myself.. More

  • Wedding traditions in India Date: 4-1-2010

    Asalam-Alaikum, I want one clarification regarding cultural ritual at the time of marriage. In northern India it is a tradition that one day before Nikah in Groom home some ladies gather for haldi(turmeric) ritual where these ladies massage the body (like arm, feet, chest and face ) of groom with wet turmeric and singing traditional songs. In these.. More