817 fatwas

  • A group regularly fasts on Monday and have Iftar in the Masjid Date: 25-6-2003

    It has become a tradition for a few of us brothers and sisters to fast on Mondays and come to the Masjid with our food and break our fast together in the Masjid. This reminds us of Ramadan and makes us very happy to encourage other Muslims to fast and join us for Iftar. The other day a Muslim brother told me that what we were doing is not acceptable.. More

  • Did Not Complete Vow to Fast Date: 9-6-2003

    Someone made a vow to fast then did something deliberately that broke his fasting. Please comment. .. More

  • Should He End Fasting in Libya or UK Date: 12-4-2003

    I have question about my brother. He came to UK in the second of Ramadan from Libya and as you know Ramadan in Libya is one day earlier than UK. My question is should my brother break fasting with Libya, or otherwise follow UK? .. More

  • Took Medication Pill While Fajr Athaan Was Being Called Date: 1-4-2003

    This time my subject is related to your Fatwa answer No. 85182 in response to my question No. 56267. Pertaining to have taken a chronic medication pill in Ramadan while Fajr prayer call was in progress, then continued the fast. You have ruled that if must make up for that Ramadan fasting day.The consequent question is ... should I fast one day only.. More

  • Moon sightings determined Date: 30-3-2003

    If the crescent for Ramadan is viewed by non-Muslims but relayed live by TV, then should we Muslims after seeing it on TV accept it as having sighted the crescent and either begin the month or end it?.. More

  • Masturbated during Ramadan Date: 18-2-2003

    Satan got me again, and I masturbated during Ramadan. It was at night, after Iftar. Does the fast still count? If not, do I need to do it again? If yes, when? How do I repent for this act? .. More

  • Wanted to make up 6 days of Ramadan and then fast 6 days of Shawwal Date: 18-2-2003

    I finished fasting the month of Ramadan, however, I had six days I didn't fast because my period came to me. i infeuated to fast them in the Shawal, and the other six days the prophet Muhamed instructed us to fast in the month of Shawal. I was planning to fast 12 days. While I was making up the days, a friend told me that I didn't have to fast 12 days,.. More

  • Prefers to Break the Fast with Family and then Head to Pray in the Mosque Date: 2-2-2003

    I live near a mosque which provides breaking of fast meals. However I prefer to break fast with my wife and children and then proceed to perform the Maghrib prayer at the mosque. My preference is a based on my appreciation for my wife who cooks the meals for the family. Is it a sunnah to break fast with the Jemaah at the mosque? If not, is it still.. More

  • Insulin injections during Ramadan Date: 29-1-2003

    I am diabetic. Is it permissible to get an Insulin injection during fasting if it is absolutely necessary, Thank you... More

  • Fasted to Make up for Missed Days but Still Not Satisfied Date: 22-1-2003

    Last year I made up for all the fasting days I missed but I m not satisfied with the way I fasted. Now I want to refast them but I do not have the ability, and 1 year has passed, what else can Ido rather than fasting in order to make up for fasting days? .. More

  • Finds it Difficult to Make Up for Missed Days in Ramadan Date: 21-1-2003

    Tell me what a Muslim must do if he/she finds it hard to make up days missed of last Ramadan (with valid reason). Can money be paid in charity? Please advise. .. More

  • Benefits of Fasting Date: 6-1-2003

    I am a muslim living in Panama. sometimes the non-muslims here ask us why we fast, so I would like to know what is the meaning of fasting, why we should do it, so I can give them a good answer. salaams .. More

  • Missed fasting some days in Ramadan due to sickness and medicines Date: 31-12-2002

    I am a tuberculosis patient, and a doctor advised me don’t fast during the ramadan. This is because of the medcine, which I must take at certain times of the day. Can this or can I fast the days later or must I give money in the place for the missed days. The medcine must take a year long (until October 2003). Also I have still 4 days of the previous.. More

  • Matters that Break the Fast Date: 30-12-2002

    What are the things that violate fast? .. More

  • When to fast the six days of Shawwal Date: 24-12-2002

    When are we supposed to fast the six days of Shawwal? Is it right after ‘Eed? Do we have to fast them successively or can we fast them separately? Thank you .. More