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  • Two forms of unregistered marriage Date: 22-1-2014

    What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on the one who bears witness to an unregistered marriage contract? What should he do if he is asked to bear witness to it? May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • Some questions about the Misyaar marriage Date: 14-11-2011

    Please explain in quraan it is clearly mention marry two or three or four if you justice otherwise one is sufficient for you so in Zawaj al-Misyar the lady is not getting equal rights with the normal wife so how can it be legalized ! is it not violation of Allah direction? Please tell me after divorce in Zawaj al-Misyar (Iddat) time period for getting.. More

  • Marriage announcement: Wisdom behind it and the validity of secret marriage Date: 5-5-2011

    I am married but none of my family knows about my marriage. Only four of my friends and four of my wife’s friends know about our marriage. Is it (our marriage) permissible? .. More

  • A marriage contract undertaken by an unauthorized person Date: 7-11-2010

    A very sad and strange thing has happened to me. I took a khul from my husband a few months ago. I took it due to many defects I found in my husband. My then ex husband began to daily pressure me to marry him again. I did not want to but found it hard to get him to leave me alone. It seems he wrote a letter to his friend pretending to be me asking.. More

  • He lived with her and now wants her to marry another man Date: 30-5-2010

    Is it okay for a Muslim man to break his promise to a woman? By promising in Allah’s name that he accepted her as his wife and giving some gift as mahar they start living together. Almost after 1 year his first wife and children find out about their relationship. They have influenced him to leave the other lady saying that they will never agree the.. More

  • Conducted a doubtful marriage contract and wants to renew it Date: 17-12-2009

    slam-im from Dubai and my nationality is Pakistani- i have problem very much plz let me know 1-)Is a secrit marrige is allowed in islam? 2-)court marrige Girl go with boy in court not Qazi only he arrange lawer( Wakeel) and give him mony for all arrange. 3-) Nikah (Moulvee) read Khoutba Nika and fill form and there is no withness which name in nika.. More

  • Status of children in Misyaar marriage Date: 22-10-2009

    Asalam o Alikum, Dear Sir/Ms. 1. I would like to know about the status of the children in case of Misyar. Who is going to take the responisibilities of the children (Nan-Nafqa). 2. Does the children have any share in the propoerity of the parents. .. More

  • Validity of the Misyaar marriage Date: 21-4-2009

    I have been married for 25 years and my husband in 2006 married awoman in a Mysar marriage he is calling it in Saudi Arabia. I had asked him before when I returned from putting our children in college int he states why he has changed sexually toward me. He said he was sick. For over a year nothing changed. I had suspisions about my hub and kept praying.. More

  • Validity of secret marriage Date: 14-4-2009

    Salam Dear Scholar, I prayed istikhara and secretly married a man 2 years ago from a different country and we have never lived together or are still not together. Now my family has got a marriage proposal for me from another brother and the person i had the nikah with contacted my father and my father said i can go and live with him(fiance) in his country,but.. More

  • Wants to employ a maid and marry her secretly Date: 14-8-2006

    Assalaamu'alaykum! Somebody asked me to employ a female muslim maid from my country and he explained to me that this muslimah he will marry before she come to abroad and he will give her dowry, right salary, education after she finish the two years contract to finish her studies., rental room for her so that he can sleep with her during her day-off... More

  • Two forms of unceremonious marriages Date: 10-8-2006

    What is the ruling on whoever witnesses an unceremonious marriage contract, and what should he do if he is asked to be a witness? .. More

  • His friend wants a temporary marriage Date: 22-6-2005

    I am sending this question on behalf of my friend who is an Egyptian living and working in a Western country. He’s 33 year-old, divorced, (only after marriage contract), there was no consummation. He is looking for someone to marry. Recently, he met a lady, 40 year, divorced, with two kids. She is a Muslim too but not religious and doesn’t.. More

  • Questionable marriage Date: 24-8-2004

    I am 20, my family has divorced 7 years ago. I live with my grand mother with my 2 little sisters. I have been asked for marriage by one guy. He is religious and has good character. I have asked my father about the proposal, since he live abroad, he also asked his friend who lives here to give him information about the guy. My father's friend.. More

  • Traveler's marriage Date: 13-6-2004

    I want to know about traveler's marriage. Is there any thing like this in Islam? If so, how is it and what are its conditions? I am 19 years old, living in Belgium, looking for the best way to be sexually satisfied according to the Islamic way. I came to know about this traveler's marriage, or traditional marriage. Actually what are these marriages? .. More

  • Muslim married for green card, wants divorce and half the Mahr returned Date: 27-3-2004

    Aforeign Muslim who let his visaexpire has now tried to rectify his situation by marrying a non-Muslim with the intention of getting his green card. He paid the Mahr and told his wife that it was a gift and it is hers and not to be taken back. His wife entered the marriage with the intention of being his wife and to help him with any legal problems.. More