809 fatwas

  • Riding on Sacrificed Animals to Cross Bridge Over Hell on Day of Resurrection Date: 2-5-2000

    It is said that if one slaughters (sacrifices) an animal for himself/herself or anyone else, then on the Day of Resurrection this animal will help him pass over (sitting on its back) the bridge of Hell. I can't understand the reason for such claims and could you give a fatwa on this? .. More

  • Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah on 7th of Thul-Hijjah Date: 20-4-2000

    What is the Fatwa on doing Tawaful Ifadah on 7th of Dul Hajj? .. More

  • Has Only Enough Money for Hajj But He Also Wants to Get Married Date: 3-4-2000

    I am 33 years old and never went to al-hajj. I am single and couldn't find a wife to get married because I live in Canada. To marry a Muslim woman costs more than what I have. If I have just the money for al-hajj, should I save and make enough for marriage, which takes a very long time, or just use what I have for al-hajj and go? .. More

  • Spending only part of the night in Muzdalifah Date: 28-2-2000

    I am going for Hajj this year, insha Allah with a group. For Rami al Aqaba al-kubra, they do not want us to sleep the whole night in Muzdalifah then go to do Rami al-Aqba al-kobra at the morning. They want to move us after midnight from al Muzdalifah and do Ramiah al-Aqaba-alkobra around 1 or 2, go for Say and Tawaaf before Fajr. What should I do?.. More

  • Circumambulating around the Ka'ba 50 times Date: 28-2-2000

    Is there a Hadith about someone who going around the ka'ba 50 times? What is the merit of it? .. More

  • Going for Hajj, leaving son of 1 year, 4 months Date: 14-2-2000

    Regarding Hajj: My son is 1 year and 4 month and is being breast fed. I will leave him with my relative but this will make him suffer because he will be without my milk for 4 days. Should I postpone my Hajj or stop my breast feeding (by the way he is eating now many kinds of food)? But I don't know if it is Haram to stop breast feeding him, or is it.. More

  • Going on Hajj While Paying Mortgage Date: 4-2-2000

    My neighbors bought a big house five years ago on credit and they are paying interest until now. Can they go to the Hajj knowing that they bought their house on credit? .. More

  • Meaning of Hajj Date: 31-1-2000

    What does Hajj mean? .. More

  • Preventing menses to perform Hajj Date: 24-1-2000

    I have a sister who is going to perform pligrimage and some people advised her to take something to prevent the monthly habit and she desires to know if it is right or not to do so. .. More

  • A woman should not wear Niqab during ‘Umrah or Hajj Date: 27-11-1999

    During Umrah and Hajj is it allowed to wear ‘niqab’?. .. More

  • Wearing niqab during Umrah Date: 27-11-1999

    Can I dress in "niqab" during Umrah?.. More

  • Passed the Meeqat Without Assuming the State of Ihram Date: 12-11-1999

    I travelled with my family to Saudia for two reasons, Umra and to visit my sister in Riyadh. I arrived in Riyadh and stayed for two days, then flew to Madina for Ziara and stayed for one night. Then I flew to Jeddah with my pregnant wife and children where I stayed till the next day, put on the Ihraam and went to Makkah for Umra. A friend told me that.. More

  • Does Hajj Remove All Past Sins? Date: 28-10-1999

    Does hajj remove all past sins, even the grave major sins? .. More

  • Hajj while having bank loan Date: 17-8-1999

    A man who has taken a loan from the bank, Is he allowed to go to Hajj (pilgrimage) (even when he has not paid his debt at the bank). Is the Hajj (pilgrimage) accepted?.. More